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Are you considering having medical treatment in Singapore ?

Find The Best Specialist Doctor

Most of Singapore's medical specialists have their credentials and medical practice information available on the Internet. You might want to identify a few specialists who are experienced in treating your medical condition. Email or telephone their clinics to arrange for available time slots to see you. You may also send results of previous medical tests for the doctor to get an idea if he or she is the right person to offer you treatment. If the doctor is not specialised in that field, he or she might recommend someone else that you can go to.

Cost of Treatment or Surgery

Treatment costs vary from hospital to hospital and specialist to specialist. If you are not familiar with the clinic charges, you can ask in your email enquiry about the standard fees such as consultation fee, surgery fee, and hospital room ward costs. You can then use these cost figures to check with your medical insurance company if they will cover your treatment and hospital stay. Also do not forget to add the cost of hotel stay that might be needed by your family or companions. The total cost of medical treatment in Singapore must be calculated with other expenses taken into account such as hotel or service apartment stay, food and travel costs as well as follow-up visits to the doctor. These additional costs can add up to a fair bit more than just the surgical or hospitalisation fees.

Travelling to Singapore

Singapore is a very small city and easy to move around in. Once you arrive at Changi Airport, taxis and underground trains are readily available to many destinations. Most of the major private hospitals are within the city center with many hotels, restaurants and shops to cater for your stay. If you or your companion can speak basic English, Chinese or Bahasa Indonesia/Malay, it will be easy to ask for directions wherever you are. The major hospitals will also have staff and interpreters who can speak Thai, Vietnamese, and various other languages to help you communicate with the doctor you are seeing.

Medical Concierge Services in Singapore

If you are not at all comfortable travelling by yourself and need some local help, you may consider engaging the services of a medical concierge. Think of them as a travel agent and tour guide except that they focus mainly on foreign patients and their treatment here. A medical conceirge can help you with the following so that you can get down to your medical treatment or health screening without spending too much time and effort in getting around a strange city. Where language is a problem, they can be your interpreters and help avoid miscommunication. Some of the things that they can help you with include:

- Airport pickup and hotel check-in
- Establish contact with the hospital or clinic
- Local tours and shopping trips
- Local mobile phones, SIM cards, Internet access
- Translation services
- Retrieval of treatment results, medical test results and medical reports
- Submission of health insurance claims