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Cost of Medical treatment in Singapore

Cost of Treatment or Surgery

Treatment costs vary from hospital to hospital and specialist to specialist. If you are not familiar with the clinic charges, you can ask in your email enquiry about the standard fees such as consultation fee, surgery fee, and hospital room ward costs. You can then use these cost figures to check with your medical insurance company if they will cover your treatment and hospital stay.

Use this table and fill it in with the information you received from the doctor and hospital to give yourself a close estimate of how much the total cost can come up to.

First Consultation $
Pre-Surgery Consultation $
Main Surgeon's Fees $
Assisting Surgeon's Fees (if any) $
Anaesthetist's Fees $
Hospital Operating Theatre Charges $
Hospital Ward Charges ( x number of day ) $
Clinic Visit after Surgery $
Medication and wound dressing $
GST ( 7% goods & services tax ) *

* GST for purchases with receipts can be refunded at the airport as you leave
Hospital Treatment Cost Sub-total $

Travelling to Singapore

Singapore is a very small city and easy to move around in. Once you arrive at Changi Airport, taxis and underground trains are readily available to many destinations. Most of the major private hospitals are within the city center with many hotels, restaurants and shops to cater for your stay. So your trip may include costs other than the medical treatment, such as hotel stay and entertainment etc.

Use this to estimate the other costs:

Airfares for patient $
Airfares for accompanying family members or friend $
Hotel or Serviced Apartment (x number of days) $
Meals $
Tours (theme parks, Sentosa island) $
Transport fees (Taxi, train) $
Shopping (electronic appliances, clothing) $
Souvenirs $
Foreign currency exchange fee $
GST ( 7% goods & services tax ) **

** Some medical insurance companies do not cover GST.
Additional Cost Sub-total $