SA030B Breast, Various Lesions, Trucut Biopsy
SA001S Skin, Angioma, Cauterisation/Injection
SA011S Skin, Plantar Wart, Excision
SA021S Skin, Tattoo, Repeat Laser Excision
SA026S Skin, Various Lesions, Trial Dermabrasion
SA028S Skin, Various Lesions of Face (single), Excision Biopsy
SA200S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Abscess, Saucerisation
SA202S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Burns, Escharotomy (limited)
SA245S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Sebaceous Cyst, Excision
SA255S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Wound, Debridement
SA256S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Wound (large), Secondary Suture
SB005A Ankle, Various Lesions, Repair of Ligaments
SB404F Foot, Polydactyly, Excision
SB019H Hand, Superficial Infection, Drainage
SB079H Joints (Upper Limb), Various Lesions, Examination and Manipulation under General Anesthesia
SB003K Knee, Hemarthrosis, Aspiration under General Anesthesia
SB008K Knee, Various Lesions, Manipulation and Examination under Anesthesia
SB001N Nail, Infection/Injury, Avulsion
SB313S Spine, Various Lesions, Injection of Oradexon
SC003N Nose, Foreign Body, Removal
SC004N Nose, Hematoma/Abscess, Evacuation
SC014N Nose, Various Lesions, Cauterisation/Diathermy
SC015N Nose, Various Lesions, Examination
SC023N Nose, Various Lesions (postnasal space), Direct Examination with Biopsy and Nasendoscopy
SC010S Sinuses Frontal, Various Lesions, Catheterisation
SC002T Thorax, Mediastinal Lesions, Cervical Exploration with/without Biopsy
SC004T Thorax, Pleural Effusion, Aspiration and/or Paracentesis
SC008T Thorax, Various Lesions, Intercostal Drain (insertion without resection of rib)
SC006Y Nasendoscopy
SD024H Heart, Pericardial Effusion, Paracentesis
SD311V Vein, Various Lesions, Insertion of Central Venous Line
SE041L Lymph node (single), Various Lesions, Excision Biopsy
SE001M Marrow, Various Lesions, Diagnostic Aspiration
SF402A Anus, Ano-Rectal Prolapse, Circumanal Suture
SF405A Anus, Ano-Rectal Prolapse, Injection
SF412A Anus, Hemorrhoids, Cryosurgery
SF002M Mouth, Abscess, (superficial), Drainage
SF100T Tongue, Tongue Tie, Release
SF200T Tonsils, Abscess, Drainage
SG011B Bladder, Various Lesions, Catheterisation
SG001K Kidney, Blocked Nephrostomy Tube, Change
SI015C Cervix, Various Lesions, Punch Biopsy
SI001P Pelvis, Various Lesions, Examination under Anesthesia
SI007V Vagina, Foreign Body, Removal
SI022V Vagina, Various Lesions, Biopsy
SI105V Vulva, Bartholin Cyst, Incision/Marsupialization without use of Laser
SI108V Vulva, Hematoma, Evacuation (simple)
SI111V Vulva, Laceration, Debridement/Suture (complicated)
SI003Y Hysteroscopy, diagnostic (without Anesthesia)
SK210P Sciatic nerve block
SK211P Intercostal block – Anaesthetic
SK220P Peripheral nerve block, anaesthetic
SK227P Intravenous (regional anaesthesia)
SL109E Eyelids, Exposure, Tarsorrhaphy (temporary)
SL119E Eyelids, Ptosis, Tarsorrhaphy (temporary)
SL127E Eyelids, Tumor, Shaving Excision
SM200E Eustachian Tube, Various Lesions, Catheterisation/Inflation


SA001F Fascia (deep), Rupture with Herniated Muscle, Repair
SA002L Lymph Node, Various Lesions, Biopsy
SA004L Lymph Node (cervical) – superficial, Various Lesions, Biopsy
SA002M Mucous Membrane, Superficial Laceration equal/less than 7cm, Repair
SA003S Skin, Burns (more than 10%), Dressing
SA004S Skin, Burns (less than 2%), Excision
SA008S Skin, Keratoses/Warts/Similar Lesions, Excision (not more than 5 lesions)
SA012S Skin, Plantar Warts (multiple), Excision
SA029S Skin, Various Lesions of Face (2 to 3), Excision Biopsy
SA100S Skin and Mucous Membrane, Various Lesions, Excision Biopsy
SA208S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect, Staged Local Flap(division)
SA217S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect, Free Graft (Split Skin Graft/Pinch Grafts under 1/2%)
SA233S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Hematoma (large)/Carbuncle Cellulitis/Similar Lesion, Incision with Drainage
SA237S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Laceration (superficial) of less than 7cm, Repair
SA246S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue (face and neck), Scar of less than 3cm, Revision
SA248S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Sinus, Excision
SA001T Tendon Sheath and Subcutaneous Tissue, Ganglion/Small Bursa, Excision
SB101B Bone, Various Lesions, Biopsy
SB303F Finger, Injury, Debridement
SB401F Foot, Crush Injuries (simple), Wound Debridement
SB021H Hand, Wart/Corn/Naevus, Excision
SB204H Hip, Dislocation, Manipulation and Reduction
SB206H Hip, Snapping Syndrome, Release
SB207H Hip, Various Lesions, Application of Hip Spicas
SB005L Lower Limb, Fractures/Dislocation, Manipulation and Reduction with/without Application of Cast
SB300M Muscle (Lower Limb), Deep Abscess, Drainage
SB303M Muscle (Lower Limb), Various Lesions, Marginal Excision
SB320M Muscle (Upper Limb), Deep Abscess, Revision with Drainage
SB323M Muscle (Upper Limb), Various Lesions, Marginal Excision
SB111S Skin (Upper Limb), Open Wound, Major Desloughing
SB214S Soft Tissue (Lower Limb), Open Wound/Infection, Major Desloughing
SB216S Soft Tissue (Lower Limb), Small Tumors (benign), Excision under General Anesthesia
SB309S Spine, Various Lesions, Application of Body Casts
SB004U Upper Limb, Fracture/Dislocation, Manipulation and Reduction
SC007L Larynx, Various Lesions, Direct Examination with/without Biopsy
SC005N Nose, Hemorrhage, Hemostasis (packing)/Cryotherapy
SC008N Nose, Polypi (simple), Removal
SC012N Nose, Simple Fracture, Manipulation
SC030S Sinuses – Nasal, Various Lesions of Antrum, Roof Puncture and/or Lavage
SC002Y Bronchoscopy with/without biopsy
SF406A Anus, Fissure, Examination under Anesthesia
SF408A Anus, Ischiorectal Abscess, Saucerisation
SF416A Anus, Hemorrhoids, Removal of External Anal Tags
SF418A Anus, Perineal Abscess, Saucerisation/Drainage
SF419A Anus, Stricture, Dilatation
SF423A Anus, Various Lesions, Biopsy of Muscle/Mucosa
SF007B Bile Duct, Various Lesions, Operative Choledochoscopy
SF001L Lip, Mucous Cyst/Mucocele, Removal
SF110L Liver, Various Lesions, Percutaneous Biopsy
SF012M Mouth, Foreign Body (superficial), Removal
SF015M Mouth, Leukoplakia, Limited Excision
SF019M Mouth, Mucous Cyst/Ranula of Floor of Mouth, Marsupialization
SF024M Mouth, Small Soft Tissue Tumor, Excision
SF030M Mouth, Various Lesions, Uvulotomy
SF400P Pharynx, Adhesions, Division
SF202S Small Bowel, Various Lesions, Intubation with/without Biopsy
SF021T Tooth (superficial), Unerupted/Partially Erupted/Impacted, Removal of Bone and Tooth without Division of Tooth
SF101T Tongue, Tongue Tie, Revision
SF201T Tonsils, Hemorrhage, Hemostasis
SF102Y Esophagoscopy, gastroscopy, duodenoscopy, with/without biopsy
SF107Y Sigmoidoscopy (flexible), Fibreoptic with/without biopsy
SF108Y Sigmoidoscopy, with diathermy/resection of rectal tumor
SF109Y Sinoscopy
SF110Y Sigmoidoscopy (rigid) – with/without biopsy
SG007B Bladder, Retention of Urine, Suprapubic Cystostomy
SG015K Kidney, Various Lesions, Biopsy (closed)
SG103U Urethra, Meatal Stenosis, Meatotomy
SG104U Urethra, Prolapse, Excision
SG103Y Cystoscopy, with controlled hydrodilatation of the bladder
SG110Y Cystoscopy, with or without biopsy
SG113Y Urethroscopy, with related procedures
SH003P Penis, Hypospadias, Meatotomy & Hemicircumcision
SH010P Penis, Paraphimosis/Phimosis/Reduction Prepuce, Circumcision
SH011P Penis, Penile Warts, Laser Vaporisation
SH013P Penis, Priapism, Decompression (Single)
SH026P Penis, Various Lesions, Excision
SH108P Prostate Gland, Various Lesions, Transrectal/Transperinal Biopsy
SH004S Spermatic Cord, Spermatocele/Epididymal Cyst, Excision
SH005S Spermatic Cord, Various Lesions, Epididymectomy
SH007V Vas Deferens, Various Lesions, Vasoepididymography & Vasovesiculography
SH002Y Urethroscopy, with related procedures
SI008C Cervix, Polyp/Erosion, Laser Therapy without Colposcopy
SI009C Cervix, Stenosis, Dilatation
SI010C Cervix, Tear, Complicated Repair under Anesthesia
SI040U Uterus, Retained Placenta, Manual Removal under General Anesthesia
SI001V Vagina, Atresia/Stenosis, Dilatation
SI009V Vagina, Lacerations (simple), Debridement/Suture
SI100V Vulva, Abscess, Incision
SI104V Vulva, Bartholin Cyst, Incision/Marsupialization using Laser
SI109V Vulva, Imperforate Hymen, Hymenectomy
SI110V Vulva, Labial Abnormality, Labioplasty
SI117V Vulva, Tight Introitus, Fenton’s Operation
SI118V Vulva, Warts, Laser Vaporisation
SK002N Nerve, Various Lesions, Biopsy
SK200P Spinal – single injection
SK203P Epidural Blood
SK204P Facet Blocks
SK206P Brachial plexus block – single
SK208P Cervical plexus block
SK209P Lumbar plexus block
SK213P Paravertebral; anaesthetic, single
SK215P Interpleural blockĀ  – single
SK217P Trigeminal block, anaesthetic
SK221P Peripheral nerve blcok, neurolytic
SK222P Stellate Ganglion Block
SK225P Lumbar sympathetic; anaesthetic
SK228P Sympatholytic agent block
SL002C Conjunctiva, Naevus, Removal
SL003C Conjunctiva, Pinguecula, Removal
SL004C Conjunctiva, Pterygium, Removal
SL017E Eye, Various Lesions, Examination under General Anesthesia
SL108E Eyelids, Exposure, Tarsorrhaphy (permanent)
SL118E Eyelids, Ptosis, Tarsorrhaphy (permanent)
SL120E Eyelids, Simple Laceration, Repair
SL122E Eyelids, Trichiasis, Cryotherapy
SL004L Lacrimal Gland, Obstruction, Probing one/both Ducts
SM010E Ear, Foreign Body, Removal with Incision of External Auditory Canal
SM011E Ear, Hematoma/Seroma, Evacuation
SM019E Ear, Polyp, Removal
SM021E Ear, Sebaceous Cyst, Excision
SM029E Ear, Various Lesions, Myringotomy (simple)
SM050E Ear (Middle), Abscess/Inflammation, Operation
SM001T Tympanic Membrane, Perforation, Cauterisation/Diathermy


SA018S Skin, Tattoo (less than 1%), Laser Excision
SA225S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Foreign Body (subcutaneous), Removal
SB130B Bone (Lower Limb), Simple Implants, Removal
SB171B Bone (Upper Limb), Simple Implants, Removal
SB315F Finger, Various Lesions, Amputation (single)
SB005H Hand, Deep Infection, Drainage
SB009H Hand, Extra Digit, Amputation
SB015H Hand, Crush Injuries (simple), Wound Debridement
SB028J Joints (Lower Limb), Simple Implants, Removal
SB061J Joints (Temporo-mandibular), Dislocation, Reduction under Anesthesia
SB076J Joints (Upper Limb), Rush Rods/Wires/Screws, Removal
SB101N Nail Bed, Laceration, Repair (single)
SB110S Skin, Neuromas/Hemangiomas, Excision/Vaporisation by Laser
SB102T Tendon Sheath (Upper Limb), Ganglion/Villo-Nodular Synovitis, Excision
SB400T Toe, Various Lesions, Amputation (single)
SC100T Trachea, Foreign Body, Removal
SC007Y Thoracoscopy, with/without division of pleural adhesions
SD113A Artery, Various Lesions, Removal of Arterio-venous Shunt
SD307V Vein, Varicosity, Sub-fascial Ligation of Single Deep Perforator
SD314V Vein, Various Lesions, Removal of Arteriovenous Shunt
SF005R Rectum, Stricture, Laser Treatment
SG108Y Cystoscopy, with ureteric catheterisation
SG111Y Cystoscopy, with urethral dilatation
SH005T Testis, Undescended/Ectopic, Secondary Detachment from Thigh
SH006T Testis, Various Lesions, Biopsy
SH007T Testis, Various Lesions, Exploration/Repair
SH008T Testis, Various Lesions, Orchidoplasty
SH002V Vas Deferens, Various Lesions, Vasectomy
SI013C Cervix, Various Lesions, Colposcopy and Laser
SI001G Genital Tract, Cancer, Staging under General Anesthesia (includes Cystoscopy/Dilatation & Curettage/Biopsy)
SI002U Urethra, Caruncle/Polyp, Excision/Laser Vaporisation
SI018U Uterus, Genetic Abnormality, Ultrasound Guided Chorionic Biopsy
SI019U Uterus, Genetic Abnormality/Fetal Maturity, with/without Ultrasound Guided Amniocentesis
SI010V Vagina, Lacerations (complex), Examination under Anesthesia and Debridement/Suture
SI002Y Hysteroscopy, diagnostic (with General Anesthesia)
SK201P Spinal – Catheter
SK207P Brachial plexus block – catheter
SK216P Interpleural blockĀ  – catheter
SL130E Eyelids, Various Lesions, Canthoplasty (medial/lateral)
SM006E Ear, Deformity, Lobule Reconstruction (unilateral)
SM012E Ear, Keratosis Obturans, Removal

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