SB100C Cervical Spine, Various Lesions, Anterior Decompression and Fusion (single level)
SB118M Maxilla, Bilateral Incomplete Alveolar Cleft, Bone Graft
SB306S Spine, Prolapsed Disc, Laminectomy/Fenestration with Discectomy
SG004U Ureter, Previous Diversion, Revision
SH106P Prostate Gland, Various Lesions, Total Prostatectomy (open)
SI007U Uterus, Congenital Organ Abnormality, Plastic Repair including Metroplasty
SJ104T Thyroid, Various Lesions, Total/Subtotal Thyroidectomy with Block Dissection
SK002B Brain, Aneurysm/Arterio-Venous Malformation, Clipping
SK008B Brain, Hydrocephalus, Ventriculo-cisternostomy
SK018B Brain, Various Lesions, Chemopallidectomy/Other Stereotactic Procedure
SK004S Skull, Craniostenosis (single suture), Operation


SA015B Breast, Post Mastectomy, Reconstruction using Distant Musculocutaneous Flap (bilateral)
SA018B Breast, Post Mastectomy, Reconstruction using Transverse Rectus Abdominis Musculocutaneous Flap (unilateral)
SA100L Lymphatics and Subcutaneous Tissue, Lymphedema, Major Excision and Grafting
SA032S Skin, Wrinkles, Total Rhytidectomy
SB007A Ankle, Various Lesions, Total Joint Replacement
SB001B Blood Vessels, Defect, Major Grafts (multiple)
SB158B Bone (Skull), Tumor (malignant), Radical Excision
SB173B Bone (Upper Limb), Tumor (malignant), Radical Excision
SB101C Cervical Spine, Various Lesions, Anterior Decompression and Fusion (multiple levels)
SB004E Elbow, Various Lesions, Hemiarthroplasty
SB003F Face, Fractures (more than 2), Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
SB102F Fascia Palmar, Dupuytren’s Contracture (recurrent), Fasciectomy
SB312F Finger, Trauma, Replantation/Transplantation (single)
SB317F Finger, Various Lesions, Free Pulp Transfer
SB003H Hand, Complex Injuries, Microsurgical Repair/Reconstruction
SB123H Head-Face, Trauma, Craniofacial Approach Reduction and Fixation with Bone Graft
SB201H Hip, Avascular Necrosis, Core Decompression with Grafting
SB203H Hip, Congenital Dislocation, Open Reduction including Reconstruction
SB208H Hip, Various Lesions, Arthrodesis
SB213H Hip, Various Lesions, Total Joint Replacement
SB040J Joints (Other than Hand and Wrist), Various Lesions, Arthrodesis
SB050J Joints (Other than Finger), Various Lesions, Total Joint Replacement
SB055J Joints (Shoulder/Elbow), Various Lesions, Arthroplasty (single/multiple)
SB062J Joints (Temporo-mandibular), Various Lesions, Reconstruction
SB065J Joints (Temporo-mandibular), Various Lesions, Condylectomy with Reconstruction
SB004K Knee, Various Lesions, Arthrodesis
SB010K Knee, Various Lesions, Total Joint Replacement (Unilateral Left)
SB012K Knee, Various Lesions, Total Joint Replacement (Unilateral Right)
SB001L Lower Limb, Crush Injuries (extensive), Debridement with Repair of Bone and Soft Tissues
SB004L Lower Limb, Fractures, Open Reduction and Fixation with Repair of Arterial Injuries
SB007L Lower Limb, Length Discrepancies, Shortening Procedures
SB012L Lower Limb, Various Lesions, Hindquarter Amputation
SB013L Lower Limb, Various Lesions, Hip Disarticulation
SB100L Lymphatics (Upper Limb), Lymphangioma, Excision
SB023M Mandible, Various Lesions, Mandibular Ramus/Body  Ostectomy/ Osteotomy with Segmental Osteotomy
SB025M Mandible, Various Lesions, Segmental Resection with Bone Graft
SB030M Mandible (excluding alveolar margins), Various Lesions, Complex Osteotomy/Ostectomy
SB103M Maxilla, Deformity-Lefort II, Osteotomy
SB109M Maxilla, Lefort II Fracture, Osteotomy
SB111M Maxilla, Lefort II Fractures (complex),Reduction and Fixation
SB112M Maxilla, Lefort III Fracture, Reduction and Fixation
SB116M Maxilla, Various Lesions, Ostectomy/Osteotomy (more than 1 segment)
SB117M Maxilla, Bilateral Complete Alveolar Cleft, Bone Graft and Closure of Naco Buccal Futula
SB130M Maxilla (excluding alveolar margins) and/or Zygoma, Various Lesions, Complex Ostectomy/Osteotomy
SB310N Nerve (Lower Limb), Disruption, Major Reconstruction with Repair and/or Neurovascular Transfer
SB324N Nerve (Upper Limb), Defect, Grafting/Interfascicular Repair/Neurovascular Transfer
SB101P Pelvis, Fracture (double columns), Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
SB005S Shoulder, Various Lesions, Hemiarthroplasty
SB231S Soft Tissue (Upper Limb), Tumors (malignant), Radical Excision
SB303S Spine, Fracture-Dislocation, Open Reduction and Stabilisation
SB304S Spine, Infection, Anterior Drainage and Fusion
SB308S Spine, Syringomyelia, Laminectomy and Posterior Fossa Decompression and Drainage
SB312S Spine, Various Lesions, Decompression Laminectomy
SB314S Spine, Various Lesions, Spinal Rhizolysis involving Exposure of Spinal Nerve Roots
SB330S Spine (cervical), Various Lesions, Laminoplasty
SB023T Tendon-Flexor (Upper Limb), Defect, Grafting (multiple)
SB203T Thumb, Various Lesions, Pollicisation
SB002U Upper Limb, Congenital Deformity, Major Reconstruction
SB011U Upper Limb, Various Lesions, Forequarter Amputation
SC002D Diaphragm, Tumor, Excision with Wedge Resection of Lung
SC004L Larynx, Tumor, Laryngectomy with Radical Neck Dissection
SC006L Larynx, Tumor, Partial Laryngectomy with Block Dissection
SC010L Larynx, Various Lesions, Hemi/Partial Laryngectomy with Radical Neck Dissection
SC011N Nose, Rhinophyma, Total Construction
SD002A Aorta, Descending Aortic Aneurysm, Excision and Insertion of Graft
SD003A Aorta, Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Excision and Insertion of Graft
SD101A Artery, Arterio-venous Fistula (large), Excision
SD105A Artery, Trauma/Resection, Micro-vascular Graft
SD175A Artery-Pulmonary, Pulmonary Embolism, Pulmonary Embolectomy using Cardiopulmonary Bypass
SD001H Heart-Atrium, Arrhythmia, Arrhythmia Surgery
SD012H Heart, Congenital Heart Disease, Open Heart Surgery
SD013H Heart, Congenital Heart Disease (complex), Open Heart Surgery
SD016H Heart, Coronary Disease, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (3 or less)
SD017H Heart, Coronary Disease, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft ( 4 or more)
SD021H Heart, Left Ventricular Aneurysm, Resection without Coronary Artery Bypass
SD033H Heart, Valvular Disease, Open Heart Surgery
SE119L Lymphatics, Lymphedema, Major Excision & Grafting
SF004A Abdominal Cavity, Multiple Ruptures, Major Repair/Removal
SF006A Abdominal Cavity, Recurrent Intra-Abdominal Tumor, Resection
SF401A Anus, Ano-Rectal Malformation, Rectoplasty Primary/Secondary Repair
SF422A Anus, Tumor, Abdomino-Perineal Resection
SF001B Bile Duct, Biliary Atresia, Porto-Enterostomy
SF006B Bile Duct, Various Lesions, Hepatico-Jejunostomy
SF007C Colon, Various Lesions, Total Procto-Colectomy and Ileostomy
SF002E Esophagus, Atresia, Operation
SF005E Esophagus, Tumor, Allison/Ivor-Lewis Operation
SF012E Esophagus, Varices, Esophageal/Transection with Splenectomy
SF005I Intestine, Total Aganglionosis, Reconstruction
SF106L Liver, Trauma, Major Repair Laceration
SF108L Liver, Various Lesions, Lobectomy (3 – 4 segments)
SF501Z Liver transplant, donation (Liver donor)
SF018M Mouth, Malignant Tumor, Wide Excision and Major Reconstruction
SF029M Mouth, Various Lesions, Pharyngotomy (lateral) with Excision of Tongue and Reconstruction
SF004P Palate, Cleft, Secondary Maxillary Osteotomy with Bone Graft (high)
SF307P Parotid, Tumor, Total Parotidectomy with Radical Neck Dissection
SF308P Parotid, Tumor, Total Parotidectomy with Preservation/Reconstruction Facial Nerve
SF006R Rectum, Tumor, Anterior Resection/Abdomino -perineal Resection with/without Salpingo-Oophorectomy and Total Hyste
SF008R Rectum, Various Lesions, Abdomino-Perineal Pull Through Resection with Colo-Anal Anastomosis
SF001S Sacrum & Coccyx, Tumor, Excision
SF310S Stomach, Various Lesions, Total/Proximal Gastrectomy with/without Splenectomy
SF102T Tongue, Tumor, Glossectomy with Radical Neck Dissection
SF203T Tonsils, Tumor, Resection with Reconstruction
SG008B Bladder, Tumor, Anterior Exenteration (Female)
SG012B Bladder, Various Lesions, Enlargement Cystoplasty with Bowel
SG014B Bladder, Various Lesions, Total Cystectomy
SH002M Male Genitalia, Transsexualism (Transvestism), Sex Reassignment with Mammoplasty (Male to Female)
SH017P Penis, Trauma, Reconstruction (1st Stage)
SI201F Female Genitalia, Transsexualism (Transvestism), Sex Reassignment with Mastectomy (Female to Male)
SI010O Ovary, Various Lesions, Ovarioplasty (microsurgery)
SI027U Uterus, Malignant Condition, Anterior Pelvic Exenteration
SI029U Uterus, Malignant Condition, Posterior Pelvic Exenteration
SI033U Uterus, Malignant Conditions, Wertheim’s Operation
SI113V Vulva, Malignant Condition, Radical Vulvectomy
SJ001A Adrenals, Various Lesions, Biopsy/Excision
SJ002P Parathyroid, Various Lesions, Re Exploration
SK002A Artery-Carotid, Arterio-Occlusive Lesions, External Carotid Internal Carotid Bypass
SK003A Artery-Carotid, Atherosclerosis, Carotid Endarterectomy
SK004A Artery-Carotid, Carotid Body Tumor, Excision
SK003B Brain, Aneurysm/Arterio-Venous malformation, Clipping/Reinforcement of Sac
SK004B Brain, Carotico-Cavernous Fistula, Extracranial and Intracranial Trapping
SK005B Brain, Epilepsy, Craniotomy
SK010B Brain, Intracerebral Tumor, Biopsy and/or Decompression/Removal via Craniotomy
SK013B Brain, Intracranial Abscess, Excision
SK014B Brain, Intracranial Extracerebral Tumor, Craniotomy & Removal/ Hemispherectomy
SK016B Brain, Psychiatric Causes, Leucotomy/Lobotomy
SK030B Brain and Spine, Arachnoidal Cyst, Operation
SK015N Nerve-Cranial, Various Lesions, Microvascular Decompression/Neurectomy
SK040N Nerve-Sympathetic, Various Lesions, Sympathectomy (bilateral)
SK001P Pituitary, Various Lesions, Transsphenoidal Hypophysectomy/Excision of Tumor
SK100P Plexus-Brachial, Injury, Exploration
SK002S Skull, Compound Fracture with Dural Penetration and Brain Damage, Operation
SK003S Skull, Craniostenosis (multiple suture), Operation
SK008S Skull, Fracture with Rhinorrhoea/Otorrhoea, Cranioplasty and Repair
SK100S Spinal Cord, Aneurysm/Arterio-Venous Malformation Clipping/ Reinforcement of Sac
SK200S Spinal Nerve Roots, Various Lesions, Spinal Rhizolysis involving Exposure of Spinal Nerve Roots
SL107C Cornea, Various Lesions, Transplantation with Cataract Extraction and Intra-ocular Lens Implantation
SL004R Retina, Detachment (complex), Operation (more than one plomb/encirclage)
SL001V Vitreous, Various Lesions, Simple Vitrectomy (pars plana)
SL003V Vitreous, Various Lesions, Vitrectomy (pars plana/ sclerotomy/lensectomy/endolaser)
SL012O Orbit, Tumor, Removal via Craniotomy
SM001A Auditory Meatus (Internal), Tumor, Transmastoid Removal with Extended Mastoidectomy


SG502Z Kidney transplant, recipient


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