SA004B Breast, Drooping Breast, Mastopexy (unilateral)
SA005B Breast, Gynecomastia, Reduction (bilateral)
SA014B Breast, Post Mastectomy, Reconstruction (unilateral)
SA022B Breast, Tumor (malignant), Lumpectomy/Segmental Mastectomy with Axillary Lymph Node Clearance
SA026B Breast, Tumor (malignant), Simple Mastectomy with Axillary Sampling
SA029B Breast, Various Lesions, Bilateral/Subcutaneous Mastectomy
SA001H Hand, Burns (major), Excision and Split Skin Graft
SA001N Nerve-Facial, Paralysis, Free Fascia Graft
SA204S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Burns, Excision and Major Full Thickness Graft
SA206S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect, Direct Flap (cross finger/similar flaps)
SA220S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect, Free Grafts (Split Skin Graft 5 to 10%)
SA229S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Hemangioma/Lymphangioma (large), Excision
SA241S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Neurofibromatosis of Face and Neck, Excision (large)
SA253S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Tumor (malignant), Excision with Immediate Block Dissection
SA600S Subcutaneous Tissue, Obesity, Lipectomy (transverse wedge excision of abdominal apron/lipectomy with excision of ski
SB101A Artery – small, Injury, Repair (single)
SB120B Bone (Lower Limb), Cyst/Tumor (benign), Curettage with Bone Grafting
SB122B Bone (Lower Limb), Deformities, Corrective Surgery with Osteotomy alone
SB127B Bone (Lower Limb), Osteomyelitis, Drainage with Curettage and Irrigation
SB131B Bone (Lower Limb), Tumor (benign), Wide Excision
SB157B Bone (Skull), Tumor (benign), Major Excision
SB160B Bone (Upper Limb), Cyst/Tumor (benign), Curettage with Bone Grafting
SB161B Bone (Upper Limb), Defect, Bone Grafting
SB168B Bone (Upper Limb), Osteomyelitis/Septic Arthritis, Extensive Curettage/Debridement and Irrigation
SB172B Bone (Upper Limb), Tumor (benign), Major Excision
SB001F Face, Contour Defect, Reconstruction and Insertion of Implants
SB100F Fascia Palmar, Dupuytren’s Contracture, Fasciectomy (single)
SB302F Finger, Deformities, Correction
SB307F Finger, Swan Neck/Boutonniere Deformity (single), Correction
SB308F Finger, Syndactyly (single), Correction
SB403F Foot, Polydactyly, Excision with Reconstruction
SB016H Hand, Polydactyly, Amputation with Reconstruction
SB120H Head-Face, Contour Defect, Reconstruction
SB200H Hip, Avascular Necrosis, Core Decompression
SB210H Hip, Various Lesions, Arthrotomy and Synovectomy
SB300H Humerus, Fracture/Dislocation, Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
SB001J Joints (Finger), Contracture, Capsulectomy/Capsulotomy
SB003J Joints (Finger), Various Lesions, Replacement Arthroplasty
SB021J Joints (Lower Limb), Deformities, Corrective Surgery with Osteotomy alone
SB026J Joints (Lower Limb), Septic Arthritis, Drainage with Curettage and Irrigation
SB045J Joints (Other than Hand excluding Wrist), Various Lesions, Synovectomy
SB063J Joints (Temporo-mandibular), Various Lesions, Plication of Disc
SB077J Joints (Upper Limb), Septic Arthritis, Extensive Curettage/Debridement and Irrigation
SB006K Knee, Various Lesions, Arthrotomy and Synovectomy
SB009K Knee, Various Lesions, Meniscectomy with/without Arthroscopy
SB003L Lower Limb, Deformities, Epiphysiodesis
SB010L Lower Limb, Various Lesions, Amputation
SB004M Mandible, Condylar Lesions, Condylotomy
SB008M Mandible, Odontogenic Cyst (larger than 20mm), Enucleation
SB015M Mandible, Various Lesions, Alveoloplasty with Epithelial Graft
SB106M Maxilla, Lefort I Fracture, Closed Reduction and Fixation
SB312N Nerve (Lower Limb), Disruption, Major Repair (single)
SB321N Nerve (Upper Limb), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Release (bilateral with Endoneurolysis)
SB326N Nerve (Upper Limb), Entrapment Syndrome (others), Decompression (bilateral)
SB327N Nerve (Upper Limb), Entrapment Syndrome (others), Decompression with Nerve Transposition/Endoneurolysis
SB329N Nerve (Upper Limb), Guyon’s Tunnel Syndrome, Release (bilateral with Endoneurolysis)
SB212S Soft Tissue (Lower Limb), Tumors (benign), Wide Excision
SB230S Soft Tissue (Upper Limb), Tumors (benign), Major Excision
SB300S Spine, Cervical Rib, Excision
SB010T Tendon-Extensor (Upper Limb), Adhesion, Tenolysis (single)
SB020T Tendon-Flexor (Upper Limb), Adhesion, Tenolysis (single)
SB035T Tendon (Peroneal), Subluxation, Reconstruction
SB042T Tendon (Upper Limb), Various Lesions, Tendon Transfer (single)
SB101T Tendon Sheath (Upper Limb), De Quervain’s (bilateral), Release
SB200T Thumb, Deformities, Correction
SB013U Upper Limb, Vascular Injury, Revascularisation
SB001V Vein (small), Injury, Repair (single)
SB003Y Arthroscopy, therapeutic
SB003Z Zygoma, Fracture, Exploration and Fixation
SC002B Bronchus, Foreign Body, Removal via Bronchotomy
SC001N Nose, Choanal Atresia, Plastic Repair
SC009N Nose, Post-Nasal Space, Laser Application
SCO13N Nose, Various Lesions, Composite Graft (chondro-cutaneous/chondro-mucosal)
SCO17N Nose, Various Lesions, Rhinoplasty (correction of bony vault only)
SCO18N Nose, Various Lesions, Rhinoplasty (correction of lateral and/or alar cartilages)
SC020N Nose, Various Lesions, Rhinoplasty (secondary revision)
SC023S Sinuses – Nasal, Infection, Functional Sinuscopic Ethmoidectomy
SC026S Sinuses – Nasal, Various Lesions, Antrostomy (radical) with Transantral Ethmoidectomy/Transantral Vidian Neurectomy
SC005T Thorax, Tumor (Mediastinal), Resection
SC007T Thorax, Various Lesions, Chest Wall Resection and Minor Reconstruction
SC009T Thorax, Various Lesions, Intrathoracic Operation on Lungs/Bronchial Tree/Mediastinum
SC010T Thorax, Various Lesions, Thoracoplasty (complete)
SD102A Artery, Arterio-venous Fistula (small), Excision
SD103A Artery, Defect, Arterial Patch Graft
SD130A Artery (extremity), Thrombosis, Endarterectomy
SD155A Artery-Maxillary, Various Lesions, Transantral Ligation
SD161A Artery (major), Trauma, Repair
SD170A Artery-Profunda Femoris, Stenosis, Profundoplasty
SD180A Artery (trunk), Embolism, Embolectomy
SD011H Heart, Congenital Heart Disease, Blalock – Taussig Operation
SD015H Heart, Coronary Disease, Coronary Angioplasty (transluminal), with/without angiocardiography
SD022H Heart, Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Ligation
SD027H Heart, Pulmonary Incompetence, Pulmonary Artery Banding
SD035H Heart, Various Lesions, Balloon Atrial Septostomy
SD038H Heart, Pulmonary Valve Lesions, Balloon Valvuloplasty
SD039H Heart, Coronary Artery Disease, Cardiac Catherisation and Coronary Angiogram
SD050H Heart (great vessels), Various Lesions, Intrathoracic Operation
SD301V Vein, Varicosity, Bilateral Stripping/Excision/Multiple Ligations
SD315V Vein, Various Lesions, Saphenous to Femoral Cross-leg Bypass Graft
SD340V Vein (major), Trauma, Repair
SE002L Lymph node (axillary), Various Lesions, Radical Excision
SE101L Lymphatics (face & neck), Cystic Hygroma, Excision (moderate)
SE112L Lymphatics, Lymphangiectasis, Radical Excision
SE115L Lymphatics, Lymphedema, Excision (large)
SE002S Spleen, Trauma, Splenectomy
SE003S Spleen, Trauma, Conservation
SE004S Spleen, Various Non-Traumatic Lesions, Splenectomy
SF010A Abdominal Cavity, Various Lesions, Laparotomy including Colostomy/Enterostomy/Gastrostomy
SF011A Abdominal Cavity, Various Lesions, Laparotomy not classified elsewhere
SF102A Abdominal Wall, Exomphalos/Gastroschisis, Repair
SF104A Abdominal Wall, Inguinal/Femoral Hernia, Bilateral Herniorrhaphy
SF105A Abdominal Wall, Inguinal Hernia (infants & children), Bilateral Herniotomy
SF109A Abdominal Wall, Strangulated/Obstructed Hernia, Repair with Bowel Resection
SF110A Abdominal Wall, Ventral/Incisional/Recurrent Hernia, Repair
SF403A Anus, Ano-Rectal Prolapse, Radical Operation without Resection
SF417A Anus, Incontinence, Operation
SF002B Bile Duct, Various Lesions, Choledocho-Duodenostomy/Choledocho-Gastrostomy
SF001C Colon, Colostomy, Closure
SF003C Colon, Various Lesions, Colostomy
SF001D Diaphragm, Diaphragmatic/Hiatus Hernia, Repair
SF104D Duodenum Various Lesions, Gastroenterostomy/Gastroduodenostomy
SF001E Esophagus, Achalasia, Cardiomyotomy
SF010E Esophagus, Tumor, Laser Fulguration
SF001G Gall Bladder, Various Lesions, Cholecystectomy
SF004G Gall Bladder, Various Lesions, Cholecysto-Duodenostomy/Cholecysto-Gastrectomy/Cholecysto Jejunostomy
SF004I Intestine, Intussusception, Resection
SF107L Liver, Trauma, Minor Repair Laceration
SF111L Liver, Various Lesions, Wedge/Local Excision
SF003M Mouth, Angular Cleft with Macrostomia (unilateral), Repair
SF005M Mouth, Cleft Lip, Unilateral Primary Repair
SF008M Mouth, Cleft Lip, Secondary Correction (complete)
SF028M Mouth, Various Lesions, Pharyngotomy (lateral) with Excision of Tongue
SF101P Pancreas, Cyst/Pseudocyst, Anastomosis to Stomach/Intestine
SF402P Pharynx, Pouch, Endoscopic Resection
SF403P Pharynx, Pouch, Removal
SF407P Pharynx, Various Lesions, Pharyngotomy (lateral) with Excision of Tongue
SF010R Rectum, Various Lesions, Transphincteric Removal
SF201S Small Bowel, Various Lesions, Enterostomy
SF203S Small Bowel, Various Lesions, Resection
SF301S Stomach, Obesity, Bypass only
SF306S Stomach, Tumor/Ulcer, Gastrojejunostomy
SF307S Stomach, Ulcer, Endoscopic Laser Coagulation
SF311S Stomach, Various Lesions, Wedge Resection
SF005T Tooth (Superficial), Unerupted/Partially Erupted/Impacted, Removal Release of Neurovascular Bundle
SF009T Teeth (4 or more), Impacted, Removal of Bone without Division of Teeth
SF103T Tongue, Tumor, Hemi-Glossectomy
SF104T Tongue, Tumor, Total Glossectomy
SF005Y Endoscopic dilation of biliary stricture
SG019B Bladder, Broken Cable Connection to Neurogenic Bladder, Reconnection of Cable
SG007K Kidney, Injury, Repair
SG001U Ureter, Calculus, Ultrasound Lithotripsy
SG002U Ureter, Calculus, Ureterolithotomy
SG008U Ureter, Various Lesions, Reimplantation
SG009U Ureter, Various Lesions, Repair
SG102U Urethra, Injury, Repair/Urethroplasty of Anterior Urethra
SG110U Urethra, Valves/Membrane, Resection (open)
SG106Y Cystoscopy, with resection of bladder tumor (less than1.5 cm)
SG107Y Cystoscopy, with resection of bladder tumor (more than 1.5 cm)
SH002P Penis, Epispadias, Repair involving Bladder Neck Closure
SH016P Penis, Trauma, Repair of Avulsion
SH021P Penis, Tumor, Amputation (Total)
SH002T Testis, Undescended/Ectopic (bilateral), Orchidopexy/Transplantation with Hernia Repair
SH003V Vas Deferens, Various Lesions, Reanastomosis
SH005V Vas Deferens, Various Lesions, Vasoepididymostomy
SH008V Vas Deferens, Various Lesions, Varicocelectomy (Microsurgical)
SI001F Fallopian Tube, Blocked Tubes, Plastic Repair
SI003F Fallopian Tube, Blocked Tubes, Salpingostomy (macrosurgery)
SI008F Fallopian Tube, Peritubal Adhesions, Salpingolysis(macrosurgery)
SI003O Ovary, Tumor/Cyst, Hysterectomy with Salpingo-Oophorectomy
SI005O Ovary, Tumor/Cyst, Cystectomy (complicated)
SI007O Ovary, Tumor/Cyst, Oophorectomy/Salpingo-Oophorectomy (complicated)
SI003U Uterus, Benign Conditions, Total Hysterectomy with/without Salpingo-Oophorectomy
SI004U Uterus, Benign Conditions, Sub-Total Hysterectomy with/without Salpingo-Oophorectomy
SI015U Uterus, Fetal Disorder, Ultrasound Guided Fetal Therapy
SI025U Uterus, Gravid, Hysterectomy
SI030U Uterus, Malignant Condition, Sub-Total Hysterectomy with/without Salpingo-Oophorectomy
SI031U Uterus, Malignant Conditions, Total Hysterectomy with/without Salpingo-Oophorectomy
SI036U Uterus, Pregnancy, Caesarean Section (classical/lower segment)
SI039U Uterus, Prolapse, Vaginal Hysterectomy with/without Pelvic Floor Repair
SI043U Uterus, Ruptured, Repair (complicated)
SI004V Vagina, Enterocele, Repair/Vaginal Vault Suspension (abdominal)
SI006V Vagina, Fistula, Repair (simple)
SI014V Vagina, Prolapse, Colporrhaphy with Amputation of Cervix (Manchester)
SI115V Vulva, Malignant Condition, Vulvectomy (simple) without use of laser
SJ102T Thyroid, Various Lesions, Hemithyroidectomy/Partial Thyroidectomy
SK006B Brain, Hydrocephalus, Revision/Removal of Shunt
SK009B Brain, Hydrocephalus and Other Lesions, Ventriculoatrial/ Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt
SK012B Brain, Intracranial Abscess, Drainage via Burr-hole
SK017B Brain, Tumor, Ventricular Puncture through Burr-hole
SK019B Brain, Various Lesions, Insertion of Ommaya Reservoir
SK002M Meninges, Myelomeningocele, Excision of Sac
SK001N Nerve, Defect, Peripheral Graft
SK003N Nerve, Various Lesions, Primary/Secondary Suture
SK035N Nerve-Peripheral (deep), Tumor, Excision
SK045N Nerve-Trigeminal (Ganglion), Neurolagia Injection with alcohol/ Radiotherapy Ganglionotomy
SK050N Nerve-Ulnar, Entrapment, Transposition
SK011S Skull, Intracranial Hemorrhage, Burr-hole Craniotomy (unilateral)
SK101S Spinal Cord, Intractable Pain, Injection of Alcohol/Phenol
SL002E Eye, Exophthalmos due to Thyrotoxicosis, Retractor Recessions (unilateral)
SL010E Eye, Squint, Operation (one/both eyes – adjustable sutures)
SL012E Eye, Squint, Operation (one/both eyes – 3 muscles or more)
SL013E Eye, Squint, Operation (one/both eyes – transposition)
SL103E Eyelids, Ectropion/Entropion, Correction (bilateral)
SL112E Eyelids, Ptosis, Correction Fasanella (bilateral)
SL115E Eyelids, Ptosis, Correction Levator Palpebrae Superioris Resection (unilateral)
SL117E Eyelids, Ptosis, Correction with Fascia Lata Graft (unilateral)
SL125E Eyelids, Tumor, Excision and Repair with Local Flap
SL128E Eyelids, Various Lesions, Blepharoplasty (combined upper and lower)
SL131E Eyelids, Various Lesions, Composite Graft (chondro-cutaneous/chondro-mucosal)
SL135E Eyelids, Various Lesions, Whole Thickness Reconstruction (other than direct suture only)
SL100L Lens, Cataract, Extraction with Intra-ocular Lens Implant (Unilateral Left)
SL102L Lens, Cataract, Extraction with Trabeculectomy
SL105L Lens, Various Lesions, Secondary Insertion of Intra-ocular Lens
SL108L Lens, Cataract, Extraction with Intra-ocular Lens Implant (Unilateral Right)
SL001O Orbit, Contracture, Reconstruction including Mucous Membrane Grafting and Stent Mould
SL003O Orbit, Tumor/Foreign Body, Enucleation/Removal
SL006O Orbit, Various Lesions, Decompression (unilateral)
SL008O Orbit, Various Lesions, Lateral Orbitotomy
SL011O Orbit, Various Lesions, Reconstruction of Floor/Roof with Silastic
SL002V Vitreous, Various Lesions, Vitrectomy (pars plana/removal of silicone oil)
SM002A Auditory Meatus (Internal), Tumor, Transtympanic Removal
SM003E Ear, Deformity, Composite Graft
SM016E Ear, Microtia, Insertion of Cartilage/Silastic Framework
SM018E Ear, Partial Amputation, Reconstruction
SM023E Ear, Total Amputation, Staged Reconstruction (each stage)
SM024E Ear, Various Lesions, Fenestration Operation
SM027E Ear, Various Lesions, Myringoplasty (post-aural/endaural approach)
SM031E Ear, Various Lesions, Various Graft to Fenestration Cavity
SM051E Ear (Middle), Round Window Perforation, Repair
SM002T Tympanic Membrane, Perforation, Round Window Repair


SA002B Breast, Diffuse Hypertrophy, Reduction Mammoplasty (unilateral)
SA007B Breast, Hypoplasia, Augmentation Mammoplasty (prosthetic and bilateral)
SB100A Artery – large, Injury, Repair with Grafting
SB002B Blood Vessels, Ischemia/Peripheral Vascular Disease, Periarterial Sympathectomy
SB159B Bone (Skull), Tumor (malignant), Wide Excision
SB162B Bone (Upper Limb), Deformities, Corrective Surgery
SB174B Bone (Upper Limb), Tumor (malignant), Wide Excision
SB201F Femur, Fracture(s), Open Reduction and Internal Fixation with Intramedullary Rod
SB020H Hand, Tumors, Excision with Dissection of Neurovascular Bundle
SB071J Joints (Upper Limb), Deformities/Contracture, Corrective Surgery
SB090J Joints (Wrist), Various Lesions, Arthrodesis
SB006L Lower Limb, Length Discrepancies, Lengthening Procedures
SB008L Lower Limb, Open Fractures, External Fixation
SB003M Mandible, Condylar Lesions, Condylectomy
SB020M Mandible, Various Lesions, Insertion of Endosseous Implants(two stages-complex)/ Maxilla*
SB101M Maxilla, Unilateral Incomplete Alveolar Cleft, Bone Graft
SB301N Nerve-Digital, Injury, Microsurgical Repair (multiple)
SB322N Nerve (Upper Limb), Defect, Graft (single) using microsurgical techniques
SB340N Nerve (Upper Limb)-major, Injury, Microsurgical Repair (single)
SB002P Patella, Recurrent Dislocation/Chondromalacia, Reconstruction
SB001R Radius and Ulna, Fracture/Dislocation, Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
SB100S Skin, Defect, Distant Skin Flaps
SB211S Soft Tissue (Lower Limb), Contracture, Major Release
SB219S Soft Tissue (Lower Limb), Various Lesions, Major Release
SB232S Soft Tissue (Upper Limb), Tumors (malignant), Wide Excision
SB025T Tendon-Flexor (Upper Limb), Injury, Repair (multiple)
SB201T Thumb, Paralysis, Opponens Plasty
SB301T Tibia, Fracture(s), Open Reduction and Internal Fixation with Intramedullary Rod
SB001U Upper Limb, Cerebral Palsy, Major Reconstruction
SC019L Larynx, various disorders, open medialisation of vocal cord
SC100L Lung, Various Lesions, Pneumonectomy/Lobectomy/Segmental Resection
SC101L Lung, Various Lesions, Repeat/Multiple Resections
SC003T Thorax, Pectus Excavatum/Pectus Carinatum, Radical Correction
SC006T Thorax, Various Lesions, Chest Wall Resection and Major Reconstruction
SC014T Thorax, Various Lesions, Thoracotomy with Pulmonary Decortication
SD125A Artery-Carotid, Thrombosis, Endarterectomy
SD010H Heart, Congenital Heart Disease, Blalock – Hanlon operation
SD023H Heart, Pericardial Disease, Pericardiectomy
SE021L Lymph node (inguinal), Various Lesions, Radical Excision
SE030L Lymph node (retroperitoneal), Various Lesions, Limited Excision
SF003A Abdominal Cavity, Lymphoma, Laparotomy for grading Lymphoma with Splenectomy/Liver/Lymph Node Biopsy
SF004B Bile Duct, Various Lesions, Choledocho-Jejunostomy
SF102L Liver, Obstructive Jaundice, Longmire Operation/Chlodedocho Jejunostomy
SF105L Liver, Trauma/Tumor, Hepatic Artery Ligation
SF010M Mouth, Cleft Lip, Secondary Correction of Nostril/Nasal Tip
SF001P Palate, Cleft (partial), Primary Repair
SF006P Palate, Cleft, Secondary Repair (lengthening procedure)
SF405P Pharynx, Various Lesions, Flap/Pharyngoplasty
SF406P Pharynx, Various Lesions, Partial Pharyngectomy with Primary Closure
SF010T Teeth (4 or more), Impacted, Removal of Bone with Division of Teeth
SG002K Kidney, Calculus, Extra Corporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy
SG003K Kidney, Calculus, Nephrolithotomy/Pyelolithotomy
SG004K Kidney, Calculus, Percutaneous Ultrasound Lithotripsy
SG014U Ureter, Various Lesions, Ureteroureterostomy
SG107U Urethra, Urethro-rectal Fistula, Closure
SG108U Urethra, Urethro-vaginal Fistula, Closure
SG111U Urethra, Various Lesions, Anterior Urethroplasty
SH103P Prostate Gland, Various Lesions, Prostatectomy (Open)
SH104P Prostate Gland, Various Lesions, Transurethral Resection of Prostrate (less than 30 gm)
SI050U Uterus, Pregnancy and Multiparity, Lower Segment/Classical Caesarean Section and Tubal Ligation
SI002V Vagina, Atresia, Vaginoplasty
SI011V Vagina, Malignant Condition, Vaginectomy (complete)
SI021V Vagina, Stress Incontinence, Sling/Combined/Abdomino Vaginal Operation
SI009Y Laparoscopy, therapeutic (with laser)
SL010O Orbit, Various Lesions, Reconstruction of Floor/Roof with Bone Graft
SM002E Ear, Congenital Atresia, Reconstruction of External Auditory Canal and Middle Ear
SM005E Ear, Deformity, Correction (bilateral)
SM030E Ear, Various Lesions, Ossicular Chain Reconstruction with/without Myringoplasty
SM054E Ear (Middle), Various Lesions, Stapedectomy
SM002M Mastoid, Various Lesions, Mastoidectomy (radical/modified)
SM005M Mastoid, Various Lesions, Obliteration of Cavity
SM006M Mastoid, Various Lesions, Revision Mastoidectomy

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