SA006B Breast, Gynecomastia, Reduction (unilateral)
SA008B Breast, Hypoplasia, Augmentation Mammoplasty (prosthetic and unilateral)
SA009B Breast, Inverted Nipples, Surgical Eversion (bilateral)
SA011B Breast, Lumps (multiple/bilateral), Excision
SA019B Breast, Post Prosthetic Contraction, Capsulotomy (bilateral)
SA028B Breast (nipple), Various Lesions, Reconstruction (unilateral)
SA031B Breast, Various Lesions, Unilateral Subcutaneous Mastectomy
SA001M Mucous Membrane, Deep Laceration/Multiple Lacerations, Repair
SA005M Mucous Membrane (ear/nose/eyelid), Laceration, Full Thickness Repair
SA010S Skin, Keratoses/Warts/Similar Lesions, Excision (more than10 lesions)
SA017S Skin, Superficial Nasal Dermoid, Excision
SA020S Skin, Tattoo (multiple/more than 2%), Laser Excision
SA022S Skin, Various Lesions, Abrasive Therapy (extensive)
SA024S Skin, Various Lesions, Insertion of Tissue Expander (multiple)
SA205S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Burns, Excision and Small Full Thickness Graft
SA211S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect, Single Stage Local Flap (simple/small)
SA216S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect (deep), Dermofat/Fascia Graft (including transplant/muscle flap)
SA219S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect, Free Grafts (Split Skin Graft 2 to less than 5%)
SA230S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Hemangioma/Lymphangioma (moderate), Excision
SA235S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue (ear/nose/eyelid), Laceration, Full Thickness Repair
SA242S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Neurofibromatosis of Face and Neck, Excision (moderate)
SA252S Skin and Subcutaneous  Tissue, Tumor (malignant), Excision and Reconstruction
SA606S Subcutaneous Tissue (upper limbs), Obesity, Liposuction
SB007F Face, Intraosseous Tumor (small), Excision
SB318F Finger, Various Lesions, Ray Amputation (single)
SB405F Foot, Various Lesions, Floating Osteotomy
SB121H Head-Face, Soft Tissue Tumors (small), Excision
SB001M Mandible, Alveolar Defect/Deformity, Complex Alveoloplasty
SB009M Mandible, Odontogenic Cyst (11- 20mm), Enucleation
SB310M Muscle (Quadriceps)/Tendon (Lower Limb), Disruption, Repair
SB320N Nerve (Upper Limb), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Release (unilateral) (with Endoneurolysis)
SB325N Nerve (Upper Limb), Entrapment Syndrome (others), Decompression (unilateral)
SB328N Nerve (Upper Limb), Guyon’s Tunnel Syndrome, Release (unilateral)
SB003P Patella, Various Lesions, Patellectomy
SB210S Soft Tissue (Lower Limb), Contracture, Minor Release
SB218S Soft Tissue (Lower Limb), Various Lesions, Minor Release
SB001T Tendon-Achilles (Lower Limb), Disruption, Repair
SB013T Tendon-Extensor (Upper Limb), Injury, Repair (multiple)
SB100T Tendon Sheath (Upper Limb), De Quervain’s (unilateral), Release
SB106T Tendon Sheath (Upper Limb), Trigger Finger (multiple), Release
SB004Y Arthroscopy of temporo-mandibular joints
SB002Z Zygoma, Fracture, Elevation
SC006N Nose, Laceration Full Thickness, Repair
SC022N Nose, Various Lesions, Septoplasty/Submucous Resection
SC024S Sinuses – Nasal, Oro-antral Fistula, Closure
SC025S Sinuses – Nasal, Various Lesions, Antrostomy (radical)
SD005A Aorta, Various Lesions, Insertion/Removal of Intra aortic Balloon
SD110A Artery, Various Lesions, Intra-arterial Infusion
SD114A Artery, Various Lesions, Transluminal Arterioplasty
SD150A Artery (large), Various Lesions, Ligation
SD165A Artery (neck and extremities), Embolism, Embolectomy
SD014H Heart, Coronary Disease, Coronary Arteriography (selective)
SD032H Heart, Various Lesions, Right Heart Catheterisation with Left Heart Catheterisation (indirect)
SD040H Heart, Arrhythmia, Catheter Ablation, with/without Electrophysiology Mapping
SD041H Heart, Arrhythmia, Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Implantation
SD300V Vein, Arterio-venous Fistula, Dissection and Ligation
SD312V Vein, Various Lesions, Intra-arterial Infusion of Arteries of Neck/Thorax/Abdomen
SE011L Lymph node (cervical), Various Lesions, Limited Block Dissection
SE100L Lymphatics (face & neck), Cystic Hygroma, Excision (small)
SE114L Lymphatics, Lymphedema, Excision (moderate)
SF009A Abdominal Cavity, Various Lesions, Laparotomy (exploratory)
SF100A Abdominal Wall, Burst Abdomen, Repair
SF101A Abdominal Wall, Epigastric/Umbilical Hernia, Repair
SF415A Anus, Hemorrhoids, Laser Excision
SF009E Esophagus, Tumor, Insertion of Celestin Tube
SF016E Esophagus, Various Lesions, Cervical Esophagostomy
SF100L Liver, Abscess, Trans-Abdominal Drainage
SF013M Mouth, Foreign Body (deep), Removal
SF016M Mouth, Leukoplakia, Wide Excision and Skin Grafting
SF017M Mouth, Macrocheilia and Macroglossia, Reconstruction
SF301P Parotid, Calculus (deep), Removal
SF302P Parotid, Fistula, Repair
SF303P Parotid, Trauma, Repair/Reimplantation
SF007R Rectum, Tumor, Laser Vaporisation/Endoscopic Fulguration
SF100R Retro-Peritoneum, Abscess, Drainage with/without Laparotomy
SF200S Small Bowel, Ileostomy Stenosis, Revision
SF204S Small Bowel, Vitello-Intestinal Fistula, Excision
SF304S Stomach, Pyloric Tumor (infant), Pyloroplasty/Pyloromyotomy
SF501S Submandibular Gland, Calculus (deep), Removal
SF001T Tooth, Dislocation, Reimplantation and Transplantation
SF003T Tooth, Multiple-Rooted/Posterior Tooth, Apicectomy
SF006T Tooth (deep), Unerupted/Partially Erupted/Impacted, Removal of Bone and Tooth with Division of Tooth
SF105T Tongue, Various Lesions, Partial Excision
SF202T Tonsils, Lingual/Lateral Pharyngeal Bands, Removal
SF002Y Colonoscopy, fibreoptic with removal of polyps
SF006Y Endoscopic insertion of nasal biliary drain
SF009Y Laparoscopy, diagnostic
SF104Y Esophagoscopy with insertion of prosthesis
SG006K Kidney, Cyst, Excision
SG016K Kidney, Various Lesions, Biopsy (open)
SG017K Kidney, Various Lesions, Exploration
SG116U Urethra, Various Lesions, Urethropexy
SH003S Spermatic Cord, Hydrocele/Varicocele, Removal (bilateral)
SH010T Testis, Various Lesions, Orchidectomy with Complete Excision of Spermatic Cord
SH011T Testis, Various Lesions, Insertion of Testicular Prosthesis
SI001A Abdomen, Various Lesions, Exploratory Laparotomy
SI002C Cervix, Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia, Cone Biopsy without use of Laser
SI008O Ovary, Various Lesions, Biopsy
SI035U Uterus, Pregnancy, Assisted Vaginal Delivery
SI041U Uterus, Retroversion, Ventrosuspension
SI006Y Laparoscopy, diagnostic
SK020B Brain, Hydrocephalus, External Ventricular Drainage
SK036N Nerve-Peripheral (superficial), Tumor, Excision
SL109C Cornea, Myopia, Phototherapeutic Keratectomy/Laser in-situ Keratomileusis
SL006E Eye, Intraocular Foreign Body, Removal from Anterior Segment
SL014E Eye, Various Lesions, Enucleation without Implant
SL104E Eyelids, Ectropion/Entropion (complicated), Correction (unilateral – one lid)
SL106E Eyelids, Ectropion/Entropion (simple), Correction (unilateral – one lid)
SL107E Eyelids, Ectropion/Entropion (simple), Correction (unilateral – two lids)
SL110E Eyelids, Full Thickness Laceration, Repair
SL111E Eyelids, Hemangioma, Intra-lesion Injections (full course)
SL129E Eyelids, Various Lesions, Blepharoplasty (lower/upper)
SM001E Ear, Cauliflower Ear, Correction
SM004E Ear, Deformity, Correction (unilateral)
SM008E Ear, Exostosis Obturans, Removal
SM013E Ear, Laceration (full thickness), Repair
SM052E Ear (Middle), Various Lesions, Exploration and Tympanotomy


SA025B Breast, Tumor (malignant), Simple Mastectomy
SA027B Breast (nipple), Various Lesions, Reconstruction (bilateral)
SA002N Nerve-Facial, Paralysis, Free Fascia and Nerve Graft (microsurgical – Stage 1)
SA007S Skin, Burns (more than 10%), Excision
SA014S Skin, Scars (multiple), Removal of Tissue Expander Prosthesis and Revision of Scars
SA015S Skin, Scar (extensive), Revision
SA222S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect (deep), Free Graft (Split Skin Graft –  Extensive/Inlay Graft using a mould)
SA223S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect (multiple digits), Free Full Thickness Graft
SA236S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Laceration (deep)/Multiple Lacerations, Repair
SA602S Subcutaneous Tissue (abdomen), Obesity, Liposuction
SA603S Subcutaneous Tissue (buttocks), Obesity, Liposuction
SB001A Ankle, Dislocation, Open Reduction
SB006A Ankle, Various Lesions, Synovectomies
SB123B Bone (Lower Limb), Defect/Non Union, Implantation of Bone Stimulator
SB124B Bone (Lower Limb), Fracture/Dislocation, Manipulation and Kirschner Wire Fixation
SB164B Bone (Upper Limb), Defect/Non union, Implantation of Bone Stimulator
SB002E Elbow, Septic Arthritis/Effusion, Arthrotomy
SB004F Face, Infection/Osteomyelitis, Major Drainage and Sequestrectomy
SB301F Finger, Defect/Contracture (multiple), Reconstruction
SB305F Finger, Ring Constriction (single), Correction
SB314F Finger, Trauma, Terminalisation (multiple)
SB400F Foot, Crush Injuries (complex), Wound Debridement
SB402F Foot, Hallux Valgus/Hammer Toes, Reconstruction
SB008H Hand, Deformities, Osteotomy
SB209H Hip, Various Lesions, Arthrotomy
SB022J Joints (Lower Limb), Dislocations, Manipulation and Kirschner Wire Fixation
SB024J Joints (Lower Limb), Loose Bodies, Removal
SB025J Joints (Lower Limb), Major Crush Injuries, Wound Debridement
SB005K Knee, Various Lesions, Arthrotomy
SB005M Mandible, Fracture, Closed Reduction and Fixation
SB105M Maxilla, Fracture, Closed Reduction and Fixation
SB200N Neck, Torticollis, Correction
SB001P Patella, Fracture, Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
SB010R Radius (head), Various Lesions, Excision
SB004S Shoulder, Septic Arthritis/Effusion, Arthrotomy
SB006T Tendons-Flexor (Lower Limb), Disruption, Repair (multiple)
SB024T Tendon-Flexor (Upper Limb), Injury, Repair (single)
SB040T Tendon (Upper Limb), Bowstringing/Entrapment, Pulley Reconstruction
SB104T Tendon Sheath (Upper Limb), Tenosynovitis (multiple), Drainage
SC004B Bronchus, Various Lesions, Laser Application
SC025L Larynx and Pharynx, Various Lesions, Laser Application
SC010N Nose, Rhinophyma, Excision
SC016N Nose, Various Lesions, Rhinoplasty (augmentation excluding cost of implants)
SC022S Sinuses – Nasal, Infection, Functional Sinuscopic Drainage of Ethmoidal/ Maxillary Sinuses
SC029S Sinuses – Nasal, Various Lesions, Intranasal Operation
SC012T Thorax, Various Lesions, Thoracotomy (exploration) with/without Biopsy
SC103T Trachea, Various Lesions, Laser Application
SD135A Artery (femoral/iliac), Thrombosis, Endarterectomy
SD025H Heart, Pericardial Effusion, Transthoracic Drainage
SD060H Heart/Lung, Various Lesions, Cardiopulmonary Perfusion
SD100V Vena Cava Inferior, Various Lesions, Plication/Ligation
SD304V Vein, Varicosity, High Ligation and Complete Stripping/Excision of Long/Long and Short Saphenous Vein
SD306V Vein, Varicosity, Multiple Ligations with/without Local Stripping/Excision
SD308V Veins, Varicosity, Sub-fascial Ligation of Multiple Perforators
SE001L Lymph node (axillary), Various Lesions, Limited Excision
SE020L Lymph node (inguinal), Various Lesions, Limited Excision
SF002A Abdominal Cavity, Adhesions (limited), Lysis
SF007A Abdominal Cavity, Ruptured Viscus, Simple Repair
SF008A Abdominal Cavity, Subphrenic Abscess, Drainage
SF013A Abdominal Cavity, Volvulus, Reduction
SF106A Abdominal Wall, Inguinal Hernia, Unilateral Herniorrhaphy
SF108A Abdominal Wall, Strangulated/Obstructed Hernia, Repair without Bowel Resection
SF302A Appendix, Various Lesions, Appendicectomy with/without Drainage
SF420A Anus, Stricture, Repair
SF002G Gall Bladder, Various Lesions, Cholecystostomy (Partial)
SF001I Intestine, Enterostomy, Closure
SF002I Intestine, Intussusception, Laparotomy and Reduction
SF010I Intestine-Meckel’s Diverticulum, Various Lesions, Resection
SF101L Liver, Hydatid Cyst, Trans-Abdominal Drainage/Excision
SF007M Mouth, Cleft Lip, Secondary Correction (partial/incomplete)
SF022M Mouth, Oro-antral Fistula, Removal of Tooth/Roots in Antrum and Closure
SF027M Mouth, Various Lesions of Oral Mucosa (large/multiple), Cryosurgical Application
SF001N Neck, Branchial Cyst, Removal
SF002N Neck, Branchial Fistula, Removal
SF005P Palate, Cleft, Secondary Repair (closure of fistula)
SF105P Pancreas, Various Lesions, External Drainage
SF003R Rectum, Hirschsprung’s Disease, Rectal Myectomy
SF303S Stomach, Pyloric Stenosis, Pyloroplasty
SF305S Stomach, Tumor of Cardia, Endoscopic YAG Laser Surgery/Vaporisation
SF007T Teeth (2 to 3), Impacted, Removal of Bone without Division of Teeth
SF204T Tonsils, Various Lesions, Removal with/without Adenoidectomy
SF004Y Endoscopy, sphincterotomy with/without extraction of stones from common bile duct
SF007Y Endoscopic insertion of biliary stent
SF008Y Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (GI), Laser Treatment for Tumors
SG001B Bladder, Bladder Neck Contracture, (Acquired/Congenital), Wedge Excision
SG004B Bladder, Diverticulum, Excision
SG009B Bladder, Urachal Fistula, Excision
SG013B Bladder, Various Lesions, Partial Excision
SG018B Bladder, Mild Stress Incontinence, Cyctoscopic Injection of Collagen
SG008K Kidney, Nephroptosis, Nephropexy
SG010K Kidney, Pyonephrosis, Drainage
SG011K Kidney, Perinephric Abscess, Drainage
SG012K Kidney, Pyonephrosis, Nephrostomy/Pyelostomy
SG012U Ureter, Various Lesions, Ureterotomy/Insertion of Double J Stent
SG100U Urethra, Diverticulum, Excision
SG109U Urethra, Valves/Membrane, Resection (endoscopic)
SG112U Urethra, Various Lesions, Excision
SG114U Urethra, Various Lesions, Staged Urethroplasty (each stage)
SG104Y Cystoscopy, with endoscopic removal/manipulation of ureteric calculus
SG105Y Cystoscopy, with endoscopic resection/incision of bladder neck
SG109Y Cystoscopy, with ureteric meatotomy/with resection of Ureterocele
SH001P Penis, Epispadias, Repair Not involving Sphincter (each stage)
SH005P Penis, Hypospadias, Correction of Chordee with Transplantation of Prepuce
SH007P Penis, Hypospadias, Urethral Reconstruction
SH109P Prostate, Benign Hyperplasia, TUMT
SH003T Testis, Undescended/Ectopic (unilateral), Orchidopexy/Transplantation with Hernia Repair
SI003C Cervix, Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia, Cone Biopsy using Laser
SI004C Cervix, Ectropion, Amputation/Repair of Cervix (Trachelorrhaphy)
SI007F Fallopian Tube, Ectopic Gestation, Laparotomy
SI010F Fallopian Tube, Tubal Pathology other than Ectopic, Salpingectomy
SI011F Fallopian Tube, Tubo-Ovarian Abscess, Drainage(transabdominal)
SI100F Fetus, Fetal Conditions, Fetal Surgery
SI002O Ovary, Tumor/Cyst, Aspiration except for Ovum Retrieval
SI004O Ovary, Tumor/Cyst, Cystectomy (simple)
SI006O Ovary, Tumor/Cyst, Oophorectomy/Salpingo-Oophorectomy
SI009O Ovary, Various Lesions, Ovariopexy
SI011O Ovary, Various Lesions, Wedge Resection
SI016U Uterus, Fibroids, Myomectomy (simple)
SI024U Uterus, Gravid, Hysterotomy
SI034U Uterus, Perforation, Repair
SI042U Uterus, Ruptured, Repair (simple)
SI003V Vagina, Cystocele, Repair
SI015V Vagina, Prolapse, Colporrhaphy with Repair of Pelvic Floor
SI017V Vagina, Prolapse, Obliteration
SI007Y Laparoscopy, diagnostic, with hydrotubation
SJ001T Thyroglossal Duct, Cyst Fistula, Excision
SJ101T Thyroid, Tumor, Excision
SK020N Nerve-Cutaneous, Injury, Primary Suture
SL002A Anterior Chamber, Hyphema, Irrigation
SL003A Anterior Chamber, Various Lesions, Vitreous Removal
SL003E Eye, Glaucoma, Cyclodiathermy/Cyclocryotherapy
SL004E Eye, Glaucoma, Filtering and Allied Operations
SL005E Eye, Glaucoma, Goniotomy/Trabeculotomy
SL007E Eye, Intraocular Foreign Body, Removal from Posterior Segment
SL011E Eye, Squint, Operation (one/both eyes – 2 muscles)
SL015E Eye, Various Lesions, Enucleation with Insertion of Implant
SL019E Eye, Various Lesions, Laser Trabeculoplasty
SL105E Eyelids, Ectropion/Entropion (complicated), Correction(unilateral – two lids)
SL113E Eyelids, Ptosis, Correction Fasanella (unilateral)
SL124E Eyelids, Tumor, Excision and Repair with Full Thickness Skin Grafting
SL132E Eyelids, Various Lesions, Full Thickness Wedge Resection with Repair
SL002L Lacrimal Gland (Lacrimal Sac), Various Lesions, Excision
SL103L Lens, Cataract (juvenile), Removal and Needlings
SL104L Lens, Various Lesions, Extraction
SL004O Orbit, Various Lesions, Anterior Orbitotomy
SL005R Retina, Tears, Diathermy/Cryotherapy (Unilateral)
SL006R Retina, Tears, Photocoagulation (laser) (Unilateral)
SM025E Ear, Various Lesions, Meatoplasty with Split Skin Graft
SM028E Ear, Various Lesions, Myringoplasty (simple)


SA400S Soft Tissue, Tumor, Wide Excision
SA605S Subcutaneous Tissue (thigh), Obesity, Liposuction
SB002A Ankle, Fracture, Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
SB126B Bone (Lower Limb), Major Crush Injury, Wound Debridement
SB002C Carpus, Fracture/Dislocation, Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
SB200C Clavicle/Scapula, Fracture/Dislocation, Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
SB001E Elbow, Fracture/Dislocation, Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
SB014H Hand, Crush Injuries (complex), Wound Debridement
SB002J Joints (Finger), Various Lesions, Arthrodesis
SB030J Joints (Lower Limb) – small, Various Lesions, Arthroplasty
SB019M Mandible, Various Lesions, Insertion of Endosseous Implants (one stage-complex/two stages-simple) / Maxilla*
SB305S Spine, Prolapsed Disc, Chemonucleolysis
SB026T Tendon-Flexor (Upper Limb), Injury, Tendon Graft
SC102L Lung, Various Lesions, Wedge Resection
SC013T Thorax, Various Lesions, Thoracotomy for Pleurectomy/Pleurodesis/ Enucleation  Hydatid Cysts
SD106A Artery, Various Lesions, Arterio-venuous Fistula Creation
SD042H Heart, Biventricular Pacing
SF001A Abdominal Cavity, Adhesions (extensive), Lysis
SF409A Anus, Fistula-in-ano (high), Fistulectomy & Colostomy
SF502S Submandibular Gland, Tumor/Sialectasis, Excision
SF008T Teeth (2 to 3), Impacted, Removal of Bone with Division of Teeth
SG013U Ureter, Various Lesions, Ureterostomy
SH014P Penis, Priapism, Decompression (Shunt Op)
SI026U Uterus, Inversion, Repositioning
SI012V Vagina, Malignant Condition, Vaginectomy (partial)
SI020V Vagina, Stress Incontinence, Kelly’s Operation
SI008Y Laparoscopy, therapeutic, except for retrieval and placement of gametes and placement of embryos
SL009E Eye, Perforating Wound (with incarceration/prolapse of uveal tissue/lens/vitreous), Repair
SL001I Iris, Tumor, Excision
SL007R Retina, Tears, Diathermy/Cryotherapy or Photocoagulation (laser) (Bilateral)
SM015E Ear, Microtia, Creation of Post-auricular Sulcus with Skin Graft
SM001M Mastoid, Various Lesions, Mastoidectomy (cortical)

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