SA023S Skin, Various Lesions, Abrasive Therapy (limited)
SA201S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Burns, Escharotomy (extensive)
SA209S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect (multiple digits), Staged Local Flap (division)
SA212S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect (deep), Staged Distant Flap (division)
SA231S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Hemangioma/Lymphangioma (small),  Excision
SA243S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Neurofibromatosis of Face and Neck, Excision  (small)
SA244S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Periorbital Dermoid, Excision
SA250S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Tumor/Cyst/Ulcer/Scar, Excision
SB200B Bursa, Bursitis, Excision
SB012H Hand, Foreign Body (superficial), Removal with Mobilisation of Neurovascular Bundle
SB018H Hand, Soft Tissue Tumor, Excision
SB301S Spine, Chronic Pain/Stiffness, Manipulation
SB310S Spine, Various Lesions, Application of Full Body Jacket
SB105T Tendon Sheath (Upper Limb), Trigger Finger (single), Release
SC003Y Bronchoscopy, bronchoalveolar lavage
SC004Y Bronchoscopy, transbronchial lung biopsy
SD112A Artery, Various Lesions, Ligation (include repair of artificial arterio-venous fistula)
SD166A Artery (temporal), Various Lesions, Biopsy
SD001V Vascular System, Various Lesions, Insertion of Tenckhoff Catheter
SD313V Vein, Various Lesions, Ligation (include repair of artificial arterio-venous fistula)
SE113L Lymphatics, Lymphedema, Excision (small)
SF003I Intestine, Intussusception, Reduction by Fluid
SI005C Cervix, Polyp, Excision (simple)
SI001U Urethra, Stenosis, Dilatation
SI010U Uterus, Displaced Intrauterine Contraceptive Device, Removal under General Anesthesia
SI022U Uterus, Gravid, Evacuation (simple/TOP)
SI045U Uterus, Various Lesions, Curettage with/without Dilatation
SI019V Vagina, Simple Tumor/Gartner’s Cyst, Removal
SI103V Vulva, Bartholin Cyst, Excision without use of Laser
SI107V Vulva, Hematoma, Evacuation (complicated)
SK212P Intercostal block – Neurolytic
SK214P Paravertebral; anaesthetic, multiple
SK218P Trigeminal block, nerolytic
SK223P Coeliac plexus; anaesthetic
SK226P Lumbar sympathetic; neurolytic
SL005C Conjunctiva, Pterygium, Removal with conjunctival graft
SL006C Cornea, Band Keratopathy, Removal with EDTA
SL022E Eye, Various Lesions, Resuturing of wound following Intraocular Procedures
SM017E Ear, Microtia, Repositioning of Lobule
SM053E Ear (Middle), Various Lesions, Insertion of Tube for Drainage (including Myringotomy)


SA003M Mucous Membrane, Superficial Laceration more than 7 cm, Repair
SA005S Skin, Burns (2% to 5%), Excision
SA009S Skin, Keratoses/Warts/Similar Lesions, Excision (6 – 10 lesions)
SA019S Skin, Tattoo (1% to 2%), Laser Excision
SA025S Skin, Various Lesions, Insertion of Tissue Expander (single)
SA030S Skin, Various Lesions of Face (4 and above), Excision Biopsy
SA218S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect, Free Grafts (Split Skin Graft 1/2 to less than 2%)
SA247S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue (face and neck), Scar of more than 3cm, Revision
SA249S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Sinus (deep), Excision
SB125B Bone (Lower Limb), Grade 1 and 2 Open Fractures/Dislocations, Wound Debridement
SB128B Bone (Lower Limb), Osteomyelitis, Simple Drainage
SB129B Bone (Lower Limb), Plates and Screws/Nails, Removal
SB167B Bone (Upper Limb), Grade 1 and 2 Open Fractures/Dislocation, Wound Debridement
SB170B Bone (Upper Limb), Plates and Screws, Removal
SB003E Elbow, Tennis Elbow, Release
SB010E Elbow (Medial Epicondyle), Fracture, Excision Bony Fragment
SB022H Hand/Digit, Stump, Revision
SB023J Joints (Lower Limb), Dislocations, Wound Debridement
SB027J Joints (Lower Limb), Septic Arthritis, Simple Drainage
SB073J Joints (Upper Limb), Dislocation, Wound Debridement
SB075J Joints (Upper Limb), Plates and Screws, Removal
SB078J Joints (Upper Limb), Septic Arthritis, Simple Drainage
SB011M Mandible, Odontogenic Cyst, Marsupialization
SB012M Mandible, Old Fractures, Removal of Plates and Wires under General Anesthesia
SB311N Nerve (Lower Limb), Entrapment Syndrome, Decompression
SB250S Soft Tissue (Palmar Space), Abscess, Drainage
SB103T Tendon Sheath (Upper Limb), Tenosynovitis (single), Drainage
SB005U Upper Limb, Ischemia, Fasciotomy
SC001B Bronchus, Foreign Body, Removal (Bronchoscopic)
SC001M Mouth, Various Lesions, Laser Application
SC007N Nose, Polypi (complex), Removal
SC024N Nose, Various Lesions (turbinates), Submucous Resection
SC025N Nose, Various Lesions (turbinates), Turbinectomy
SC012S Sinuses Frontal, Various Lesions, Trephine
SC020S Sinuses – Nasal, Foreign Body/Other Lesions, Intranasal Operation/Removal of Foreign Body
SC021S Sinuses – Nasal, Hematoma/Abscess, Antral Drainage
SD107A Artery, Various Lesions, Arterio-venous Shunt (external)
SD018H Heart, Heart Block, Insertion of Transvenous Pacemaking electrode (temporary)
SD019H Heart, Heart Block, Insertion/Replacement of Transvenous Electrode (permanent)
SD036H Heart, Various Lesions, Cardiac Biopsy
SD303V Vein, Varicosity, High Ligation of Short Saphenous Vein at Sapheno-Popliteal Junction
SD305V Vein, Varicosity, High Ligation of Long Saphenous Vein at Sapheno-Femoral Junction
SF407A Anus, Fissure, Excision/Lateral Sphincterotomy
SF410A Anus, Fistula-in-ano (low), Excision/Low Fistulectomy
SF004E Esophagus, Stricture, Dilatation
SF001M Mouth, Abscess (deep), Drainage
SF026M Mouth, Various Lesions of Oral Mucosa (small), Cryosurgical Application
SF300P Parotid, Calculus, Removal
SF500S Submandibular Gland, Calculus, Removal
SF103Y Esophagoscopy with dilatation
SH030P Penis, Sex Reassignment (Female to Male), Implantation of Penile Prosthesis
SH002S Spermatic Cord, Hydrocele/Varicocele, Removal (unilateral)
SH009T Testis, Various Lesions, Orchidectomy (simple)
SI001C Cervix, Cervical Incompetence, Cerclage/Removal of Suture
SI005F Fallopian Tube, Completed Family, Division/Ligation
SI023U Uterus, Gravid, Evacuation (complicated)
SI038U Uterus, Pregnancy, Vaginal Delivery
SI008V Vagina, Incarcerated Pessary, Removal
SI101V Vulva, Atresia/Absence, Detachment of Skin Pedicle after Vaginoplasty
SI102V Vulva, Bartholin Cyst, Excision using Laser
SK202P Spinal/Epidural – neurolytic
SK205P Epidural/Subarachnoid Portacath
SK219P Trigeminal block at Foraman ovale
SK224P Coeliac plexus; neurolytic
SL106L Lens, Various Lesions, Removal of Intra-ocular Artificial Lens
SM020E Ear, Preauricular Sinus, Excision


SA010B Breast, Inverted Nipple, Surgical Eversion (unilateral)
SA012B Breast, Lump (single), Excision
SA020B Breast, Post Prosthetic Contraction, Capsulotomy (unilateral)
SA021B Breast, Tumor (malignant), Lumpectomy/Segmental Mastectomy
SA003L Lymph Node (cervical) – deep, Various Lesions, Biopsy
SA004M Mucous Membrane, Tumor/Cyst/Ulcer/Scar, Excision
SA100M Muscle and Deep Tissue, Foreign Body, Removal
SA006S Skin, Burns (more than 5% to 10%) Excision
SA013S Skin, Scar, Removal of Tissue Expander Prosthesis and Revision of Scar
SA016S Skin, Scar, Revision with Z-plasty
SA224S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Defect (single digit), Free Full Thickness Graft
SA238S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Laceration (superficial) of more than 7cm, Repair
SA251S Skin and  Subcutaneous Tissue, Tumor/Cyst/Ulcer (deep), Excision
SA254S Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Deep/Extensive Contaminated Wound, Debridement
SA500S Sweat Gland, Axillary Hyperhidrosis, Wedge Excision
SA604S Subcutaneous Tissue (face), Obesity, Liposuction
SB165B Bone (Upper Limb), Exostosis, Excision
SB169B Bone (Upper Limb), Osteomyelitis/Septic Arthritis, Simple Drainage
SB300C Coccyx, Various Lesions, Excision
SB005F Face, Infection/Osteomyelitis, Simple Drainage and Sequestrectomy
SB300F Finger, Defect/Contracture (single), Reconstruction
SB304F Finger, Macrodactyly, Debulking
SB313F Finger, Trauma, Terminalisation (single)
SB316F Finger, Various Lesions, Amputation (multiple)
SB004H Hand, Closed Fracture/Dislocation, Open Reduction and Fixation (single)
SB011H Hand, Foreign Body (deep), Removal with Mobilisation of Neurovascular Bundle
SB017H Hand, Scar, Revision
SB004J Joints (Finger), Various Lesions, Excision Arthroplasty
SB010J Joints (Foot excluding Ankle), Synovitis, Synovectomy
SB015J Joints (Hand excluding Wrist), Synovitis, Synovectomy
SB002M Mandible, Alveolar Defect/Deformity, Simple Alveoloplasty
SB010M Mandible, Odontogenic Cyst (smaller than 10mm), Enucleation
SB014M Mandible, Various Lesions, Alveolectomy (per quadrant)
SB018M Mandible, Various Lesions, Insertion of Endosseous Implants (one stage-simple)/Maxilla*
SB301M Muscle (Lower Limb), Rupture, Repair
SB302M Muscle (Lower Limb), Various Lesions, Wide Excision
SB321M Muscle (Upper Limb), Rupture, Repair
SB322M Muscle (Upper Limb), Various Lesions, Wide Excision
SB102N Nail Bed, Laceration, Repair (multiple)
SB300N Nerve-Digital, Injury, Microsurgical Repair (single)
SB217S Soft Tissue (Lower Limb), Tumor/Tumor-like Lesions, Marginal Excision
SB005T Tendon-Flexor (Lower Limb), Disruption, Repair (single)
SB012T Tendon-Extensor (Upper Limb), Injury, Repair (single)
SB041T Tendon (Upper Limb), Contracture, Tenotomy
SB401T Toe, Various Lesions, Amputation (multiple)
SB402T Toe, Various Lesions, Arthrodesis
SB001Y Arthroscopy, diagnostic
SC008L Larynx, Various Lesions, Direct Examination with Removal of Tumor
SC002N Nose, Choanal Atresia, Repair by Puncture and Dilatation
SC001T Thorax, Empyema, Resection of Rib and Open Drainage
SC011T Thorax, Various Lesions, Thoracoplasty (in stages) – each stage
SC104T Trachea, Various Lesions, Tracheostomy
SC001Y Bronchoscopy, with dilatation of tracheal stricture
SC005Y Microlaryngoscopy, with/without removal of tumor
SD020H Heart, Heart Block/Arrhythmia, Insertion/Replacement of Pacemaker (permanent)
SD030H Heart, Various Lesions, Left Heart Catheterisation (direct)
SD031H Heart, Various Lesions, Right Heart Catheterisation (direct)
SD302V Vein, Varicosity, High Ligation and Complete Stripping/Excision of Short Saphenous Vein
SD309V Vein, Various Lesions, Arteriovenous Shunt (external)
SD335V Vein (large), Various Lesions, Ligation
SE010L Lymph node (cervical), Various Lesions, Excision Biopsy
SE111L Lymphatics, Lymphangiectasis, Limited Excision
SF107A Abdominal Wall, Inguinal Hernia (infants & children), Unilateral Herniotomy
SF200A Adenoids, Various Lesions, Removal
SF300A Appendix, Abscess, Drainage only
SF400A Anus, Ano-Rectal Malformation, Perineal Anoplasty Primary/Secondary Repair
SF411A Anus, Fistula-in-ano (high), Excision/High Fistulectomy
SF413A Anus, Hemorrhoids, Hemorrhoidectomy
SF003L Lip, Various Lesions, Full Thickness Wedge Excision with Repair
SF004L Lip, Various Lesions, Vermilionectomy
SF011M Mouth, Dislocated Teeth/Dento Alveolar Fracture, Jaw Reduction and Immobilisation
SF020M Mouth, Mucous Cyst/Ranula of Floor of Mouth, Removal
SF021M Mouth, Nasolabial Cyst, Excision
SF401P Pharynx, Cysts/Vallecular, Removal
SF002R Rectum, Hirschsprung’s Disease, Anal Sphincterotomy
SF002S Sacrum & Coccyx, Various Lesions, Excision
SF003S Sacrum & Coccyx, Pilonidal Sinus/Cyst, Excision
SF400S Sublingual Gland, Tumor, Excision
SF004T Tooth, Simple Unerupted/Impacted Tooth, Removal of Roots
SF022T Tooth (superficial), Unerupted/Partially Erupted/Impacted, Removal of Bone and Tooth with Division of Tooth
SF001Y Colonoscopy, fibreoptic – complete
SF003Y Colonoscopy, fibreoptic – with/without biopsy
SF100Y Esophagoscopy, gastroscopy, duodenoscopy with injection of esophageal/gastric varices
SF101Y Esophagoscopy, gastroscopy, duodenoscopy with polypectomy/removal of foreign body/diathermy of bleeding lesions
SF105Y Pancreaticocholangiographic-endoscopy
SF106Y Peritoneoscopy
SG002B Bladder, Calculus, Vesicolithotomy/Litholapaxy/Ultrasonic Lithotripsy
SG003B Bladder, Cutaneous Fistula, Closure
SG003U Ureter, Cutaneous Ureterostomy, Closure
SG101U Urethra, Fistula, Closure
SG106U Urethra, Stricture, Urethrotomy
SG117U Urethra, Various Lesions, Urethrotomy
SG118U Urethra, Stricture, Urethral Wall Stenting
SG100Y Cystoscopy and insertion of double J stent
SG101Y Cystoscopy, external sphincterotomy for neurogenic bladder neck obstruction
SG102Y Cystoscopy, removal of foreign body/ureteric stent
SG112Y Ureteroscopy
SH004P Penis, Hypospadias, Correction of Chordee
SH006P Penis, Hypospadias, Secondary Correction
SH012P Penis, Peyronie’s Disease, Operation
SH015P Penis, Trauma, Repair of Laceration/Fracture Involving Cavernous Tissue
SH020P Penis, Tumor, Amputation (Partial)
SH100P Prostate Gland, Abscess, Retropubic/Endoscopic Drainage
SH102P Prostate Gland, Various Lesions, Androscopic Biopsy
SH107P Prostate Gland, Hypertrophy, Gold Coil Insertion
SI007C Cervix, Polyp, Excision (complicated) includes D&C
SI100C Clitoris, Clitoromegaly, Amputation
SI002G Genital Tract, Pelvic Cyst, Ultrasound Guided Procedure-Aspiration
SI014U Uterus, Fetal Disorder, Ultrasound Guided Fetal Blood Sampling/Cordocentesis
SI046U Uterus, Various Lesions, Curettage with Colposcopy/Biopsy/Diathermy/ Cryosurgery/Laser Therapy of Cervix
SI013V Vagina, Pelvic Abscess, Colpotomy and Drainage
SI018V Vagina, Rectocele, Repair
SI001Y Foetoscopy
SI004Y Hysteroscopy, therapeutic
SI005Y Hysteroscopy, therapeutic (with laser)
SK025N Nerve-Digital, Injury, Primary Repair
SL001A Anterior Chamber, Glaucoma, Paracentesis (diagnostic/therapeutic)
SL001C Conjunctiva, Limbic Tumor, Removal
SL103C Cornea, Laceration, Conjunctival Peritomy/Repair by Conjunctival Flap
SL104C Cornea, Laceration, Conjunctival Graft over Cornea
SL008E Eye, Perforating Wound (not involving intraocular structures), Repair
SL016E Eye, Various Lesions, Evisceration
SL002I Iris, Various Lesions, Laser Iridotomy
SL003I Iris, Various Lesions, Surgical Iridectomy/Iridotomy
SL001L Lacrimal Gland (Canaliculus), Various Lesions, Immediate Repair
SL003L Lacrimal Gland (Punctum), Various Lesions, Snip Operation
SL107L Lens, Various Lesions, Yag Laser Capsulotomy
SL001R Retina, Detachment, Removal of Encircling Silicone Band
SM007E Ear, Deformity, Lobule Reconstruction (bilateral)


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