Caregivers are often forgotten and neglected.  Their loved ones who are sick receive all the sympathy and attention.  But those who care for them are often expected to sacrifice their own lives and be “on call” 24 hours a day with no one to help them deal with their own exhaustion and frustrations.

I found a few organisations that offer help to caregivers.  If you are in need, please contact them and see how they can help you.

Or if you prefer, leave a message here and we can get someone to get in touch with you.

One thought on “Caregivers Support Group – Singapore

  1. When my wife suffered a stroke last year, my whole world turned upside down. Apart from the financial headache, there was also the rehabilitation process and the emotional upheavals. There were frequent quarrels and frustration from all parties involved. The children were walking on eggshells so as not to anger their mother. I was struggling to “hold the fort”, and at the same time maintain some sense of normalcy in the house. Thank God, my wife’s paralysis was temporary and she’s making good progress. One year down the road, life is a bit more peaceful and things are slowly getting back to normal. I’ve learnt a great deal looking at my wife going through the rehabilitation process and would like to share some thoughts:

    *Patience will decide whether your family survives this journey. I had frequent small chats with my boys, explaining their mother’s condition and how well she’s progressing. I also explain the medication she has to take and what the possible side effects are. This helps a great deal in preparing the kids for potential changes in behavior in their mother.

    *Empathy. It was almost impossible to understand or feel what my wife was going through. But I was determined to find out through research and talking to doctors. I had to suspend my pre conceived ideas and accept that what she says she feels were real to her. I had to constantly remind myself that her muscles were not working as they should and hence simple things became monuments tasks. I often close my eyes and try to imagine the frustration and helplessness that must have been going on in her.

    *Celebrate Life. Make use of every opportunity to celebrate success and treasure life. Being Christians, we do spend a lot of time giving thanks to God and His many blessings. We make sure that the illness does not overtake the family. My youngest son says it best .” Mummy is still mummy, except a bit slower. Ha ha! ” We go out as often as we can and we enjoy each other as much as its possible.

    I hope anyone out there reading this can take comfort in knowing that we are never alone. Just reach out, someone will be there.


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