Medical Oncologist: Dr Benjamin Mow

Mow Blood & Cancer Clinic
#09-06 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
3 Mount Elizabeth

+65 6737 0045

7 thoughts on “Dr Benjamin Mow

  1. I am a patient of carcinoma in Gallbladder. 6 pack camo is complete from Bangladesh and now spend time oral camo has been completed. But till now i am not cure from carcinoma. Is it possible to cure in your end? If any treatment to cure then please tell me, i can forward and contact with you.

  2. Greetings!!

    I am Antarikshya Mohanty from India.

    My eight years old sister is suffering from brain tumor We have reached out to multiple hospitals in India.But many of the doctors said that the tumor is in a critical part in her brain and it cannot be operated.

    Her health is deteriorating day by day.

    Please help!!

    Thanks & Regards
    Antarikshya Mohanty
    Contact No:91 8095827292


    Pls advise whether you can proceed with intensive chemiotherapy for AML. My husband is diagnostised with AML and he need 1 month intensive chemio, afterwards bone marrow transplant
    Pls advise urgently whether you have facility for the treatment and approximate costs for the chemio and transplant

  4. Hello,
    My mothe had adobo carcinoma in uterus. Afte two years she is now diagnosed with stage four lung cancer metastatic secondary. My question is there any way you could evaluate her reports and give us some hope. I could send you the report. Please let us know.

  5. My relative have been diagnosed with “Ulceroproliferative growth 2 cms from anal verge CA rectum”.

    Microscopic picture details: Section shows rectal mucosa and an adjacent neoplasm composed of well formed and illformed glands lined by malignant columnar epitelial cells having moderate amount of cytoplasm and stratified hyperchromatic and pleomorphic nuclei with focal areas showing signet ring cells.

    i have been adviced surgery and subsequent motion bag. is this bag necessary? is there any chance to get cured without requiring bag?

  6. my father,50 years old,was suffered nasopharynx carcinoma since 2 years ago. the doctor was give some chemotherapy (aruond 2012 march) about 6 times,but the cancer was nit cure,and its getting worse.please give me some feedback.thank you so much dr.

  7. My father ,70yrs old was diagnosed cholangio- carcinoma of bile duct.Gall bladder revealed adenocarcinoma. His operation was done 23.07.2013.Procedure:Right subcostal incision. Gall bladder grossly distended. Bile duct thickened. Cholecystectomy done. Bile duct transected.There is tumour at the hepatic hilum. Right and left hepatic ducts irrigated. External biliary drainage done. His post operative period, he developed wound infection managed by secondary suture dated :12.08.2013, His stitches off dated : 28.08.2013. Oncologist want to start camotheraphy on nest week. There is any problem to start camo after stitches off.


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