Ask around. Check with friends who know.  Research on the Internet.  Make sure you know the name of the illness or disease and identify the exact specialty so that you can then go and find the few good specialist doctors who are experts in its treatment.  If you do not identify the correct specialty, you run the risk of being referred to any available specialist.  Your GP might refer you to the nearest hospital, or to the only specialist he knows, or to his classmate from medical school who might not be the most experienced in that medical condition.  If your original doctor practises in a group, he is likely to simply refer to someone else within the same group.


Do a simple check on whether your doctor has been charged in a court of law or by the Singapore Medical Council for professional misconduct or criminal wrongdoing.  One of the ways of doing this is to use Google and search words including these: Singapore, SMC, Doctor, Censure, Fine, Jail .   You will find reports in the news and forums about doctors who have been investigated and disciplined for acts contrary to standards expected of them such as dishonesty, sexual offences, breaching medical ethics and overcharging.


Doctors in Singapore are allowed to advertise their services in print and digital media including magazines, newspapers and on the Internet.  While this is good for patients researching for the right doctor, care should be taken to look out for doctors who are featured excessively on magazines (especially in fashion and luxury lifestyle).   And eventually the cost will be passed back to the patient.  Many doctors do not believe in advertising and are happy to attract patients by word of mouth referrals.More exposure in the media may mean that the medical practice is spending heavily on advertising and that may not translate into the best outcome for you.  Some patients are impressed by doctors who treat celebrities or famous people.  But this is dangerous because you do not have the same medical condition as those celebrities and may end up with a less than satisfactory outcome.


When you see a specialist doctor, he or she should focus on your medical problem, explain the possible courses of treatment as well as the recovery process.   Your alarm bell should go off if your gynecologist tries to get you to see her colleague for breast augmentation, or when your surgeon offers you a sculpted body using liposuction or hawks  his personal range of skin care products.  You have the right to refuse and to seek the opinion of another doctor as to whether the extras are necessary for the treatment of your condition.


Many private practice doctors call themselves Medical Directors.  This title has almost no meaning and does not mean much as private medical practices are generally very small, with one or two doctors. Hence the word Director does not imply that he or she supervises over a big number of doctors as is the case in public hospitals.  Others use the title A/Prof or Prof with their names to indicate that while they are in private practice, they have also a part-time teaching position in a teaching hospital such as National University Hospital or NUS-Duke School of Medicine.


Not all patients know how to review their doctors but many of them do share their experiences on Internet forums or on social media platforms such as Facebook.  You can ignore patients’ reviews on the doctor’s own website as they are always positive.  You may also initiate a review by asking about the doctor you are considering seeing and wait for replies from other forum members.   Be specific in your questions to find out more about the doctor’s experience and qualifications.  Ask also about the treatment outcome and other relevant details such as bill size and length of hospital stay.



9 thoughts on “How To Choose A Specialist Doctor

  1. Berapa biaya pengobatan katerisasi dan pemasangan balon cincin? Ada berapa jenis balon cincin? Biaya dihitung per balon cincin, atau per paket(termasuk apa sj)? Bila operasi katerisasi, dilakukan ϑî singapor,disarankan ke rs? Dokternya? Dan bila ϑî Kuala lumpur atau ϑî Malaka? Ditunggu infonya thanks

  2. Please can you recommend a good Neurology Doctor because i want to consult first about my daughter. Privat hospital please. Thanks:-)

  3. please can u recommend the nephoralogist doctor i want consult for my brother he is suffering from the renal faliour

  4. My Father is 80 years old. He has miocardial disease & stunted twice. Now he has been suffering for CA Pyriform Fossa / Sq. Cell CA. I need an advice from the best Oncologist at Singapore.

  5. Hi there,

    I am in the process of moving to Singapore with my husband in the 3rd week of Sept this year and will be around 25 weeks pregnant and will be planning to deliver the baby in Singapore.

    For this I am looking to register at a reputable hospital close to where we will be living in D9/10. I would like your help to establish typical charges from wk 25 to delivery day.

    I am type 2 diabetic and will require a few additional attention for this. I will be covered by the insurance of my husband’s contract with his job. Can you please help me understand the charges I was looking to go with Dr Kek Lee Phin at MEH as she has been highly recommended by colleagues. Can you send me some information that will help me.

    Many thanks
    Jatinder Kaniah

  6. My sister wishes to see a gynecologist in Singapore for first trimester screening. Can you recommend a good female gynecologist? Private hospitals only please. Thanks!!

    • Dear Wena, do consider Dr Kek Li Phin (Mount Elizabeth Hospital) and Dr Lisa Chin (Gleneagles Hospital), who are both very qualified and trusted in obstetrics.

  7. I have to undergo PGD (Prenatal Genetic diagnosis) and IVF and wanted to know which would be the best hospital/private clinic in Singapore to get in touch with? i have been referred to Thomson? Is PDG being done regularly at the Thomson Specialist Hospital?


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