Choose the best hospital in Singapore according to the patient’s need or medical condition.

(1) KK Women and Children Hospital – Fully staffed pediatric and neo-natal specialists are on call at this big maternity and children hospital.
(2) National University Hospital – The biggest general hospital in the western cluster, NUH has an A&E department that caters both to adults and children.
(3) Mount Elizabeth Hospital – Mount Elizabeth Hospital is the biggest private hospital and has numerous pediatricians and pediatric surgeons to deal with complex medical situations for children.

(1) SGH – SGH is the biggest hospitals in Singapore and is best equipped to handle major accidents especially when there are multiple casualties.  SGH has its own helipad for medical evacuation situations and also a specialist burns unit.
(2)  Tan Tock Seng Hospital –   Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) is a 1400-bed facility and is the only other general hospital in Singapore to have a helipad.  This may be a consideration in medical evacuation scenarios.  TTSH is also the nationally designated centre for managing infectious diseases since the SARS outbreak in 2003. TTSH, with its connectivity with the National Neuroscience Institute, ranks as one of the best hospitals for head, spine and vascular surgery. The NNI has its neurodiagnostic lab facility which conducts comprehensive investigations and tests for the neurologists and neurosurgeons to best treat their patients.
(3) Mount Elizabeth Hospital – The top private hospital in Singapore for emergencies.  Numerous private medical services and insurance companies fly their patients into Singapore to be attended to by specialists in Mount Elizabeth.  It often handle coomplex cases and is the preferred hospital for foreign dignataries and their families.


Mount Elizabeth Hospital – Best Hospital for Multi-disciplinary Surgery and Care (Private)
Many consider Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Gleneagles Hospital to be the best private hospitals in Singapore.  Both these hospitals are managed by the Parkway Group.  Mount Elizabeth Hospital is considered by many Singaporeans and Asians to be the best hospital in Singapore.   Approximately 1000 medical specialists base their medical practices in the adjoining Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.   Complex surgeries including kidney transplants, neurosurgery, robotic surgery, cancer treatment and other multi-specialty care is commonplace in this centre.  Click here to see Mount Elizabeth Hospital room charges and fees.  Although housed in the same hospital and medical centre, most of the specialist doctors operate as independent medical practises.  Their fees are not standardized so you will have to get in touch with the clinic staff to enquire about fees and charges as well as appointment availability.  If you know the doctor’s name, search for his or her website.  If not, locate the clinic contact information from the Mount Elizabeth Doctors Directory.

(1) National Cancer Centre – This government run cancer centre is located in the campus of SGH.  It draws it specialists from the different disciplines within SGH including medical oncology, general surgery, gynecology and radiation oncology.
(2) Mount Elizabeth Hospital – Numerous cancer specialist clinics operate from the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre and use the hospital’s excellent diagnostic and radiation equipment.

Thomson Medical Centre – Best Hospital for Maternity (Private)

Thomson Medical Centre, though much smaller than the hospitals above, has carved out a niche in obstetrics to be the one of the favourite maternity hospitals.  Take note that there are no other major specialties in this hospital as it caters mainly for pregnant mothers.  Though much smaller than the rest, TMC has certainly earned its reputation as the top hospital for delivering babies.  In addition to the main hospital building at Thomson Road, TMC also operates a chain of GP clinics in suburban town centres.  Some of these smaller clinics may be more accessible and convenient for pregnant women who do not want to travel too far from their home for their regular screening.


Best Hospital in Singapore for Lasik

Interestingly, the best hospital in Singapore for Lasik surgeries is not really a hospital but a shopping mall.  Paragon Shopping Centre is home to quite a number of eye clinics performing lasik surgery.  Because lasik surgery can be performed in the clinic setting as an outpatient procedure, no hospital stay is required.   Paragon is located in the Orchard Road shopping belt, next Mount Elizabeth Hospital.   If you are visiting a lasik clinic in Paragon, head to the medical centre lobby at Level 1 and search for the eye clinic address on the directory.  The medical clinics are spread across a few different tower blocks, so you have to make sure you know which tower you need to go.

7 thoughts on “Which is the Best Hospital in Singapore ?

  1. My second son was born in Mount Alvernia. Before going there, I heard that the hospital was old and run down. But we chose it because it had a chapel and there was a strong Catholic influence as in that the rooms were named after Saints. I found Mt Alvernia very comforting and the nurses there were fantastic. We also had nuns and priests who popped by at the wards to give communion and chat with the patients. I guess the choice of hospitals really depends on your needs and expectations. We were very happy with our experience at Mount Alvernia.

  2. I gave birth to my first child in Thomson Medical as my gynecologist was based there. I cannot say it is really the best hospital in Singapore for maternity but at that time, being a first time mother-to-be, I was more comfortable choosing a maternity hospital over a general hospital. The only issue we had was the parking as the building and compound were very small. My hubby had to drop me off and then hunt for space in the HDB estate along Balestier Road. When I was pregnant the second time, we switched to Mount Alvernia Hospital. It is a less frantic place and has a laid back atmosphere. The staff were very nice and concerned, never in a hurry to rush off when talking to us.

  3. I like Raffles Hospital especially for their health screening packages. Raffles made me feel that everything was well organized and done in-house. But that said, if I am ever struck down with a deadly disease, I would certainly look in Mount Elizabeth’s big pool of specialists for the best treatment I can get.

  4. After a traumatic experience in which we had to be moved from a shopping mall clinic to a hospital, I would never seek treatment in any medical practice located in a building that is not a proper hospital. Imagine waiting forever for an ambulance crew to arrive, being wheeled through a crowded mall with hundreds of gawking shoppers and pedestrians while in pain and confusion. It is also very misleading that in Singapore, there are “medical centers” that do not have hospital facilities. So a shopping mall can name part of its mall a medical center by just renting out a few offices as clinics.

  5. My wife is diagnosed with cervical cancer by her SpOG doctor here in Indonesia. I wish to bring her to Singapore for treatment. I understand Mount Elizabeth Hospital has most cancer spesialists. Is it easy to find serviced apartments near the hospital in the Novena area? Thank you for your advice.

  6. Budi, i had experience in mount e hospital while taking my mother who had breast cancer. Tough many people said mount e is too expensive. I received the best services ever competed to any hospital here in Indonesia. About apartment, try lucky plaza or Far East apartment. Or small houses near the hospital

  7. My nephew who dropped suddenly and became hurt is under treatment now locally. We are keenly looking for the most reliable treatment for him. Would you kindly suggest me how can we proceed.
    Thanks & best regards


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