Gleneagles Patient Assistance Centre (GPAC)
24-Hours Hotline:6575 7575
Email: Website:

List/Directory of Doctors practising at Gleneagles Hospital:

6A Napier Road
Singapore 258500
Telephone: 65 6473 7222
Fax: 65 6470 5616

Types of Room Room Charges
Daily Rate (S$))
excludes 7% GST
Gleneagles Suite 6,088.00
Tanglin Suite 4,888.00
Napier/Nassim Suite 2,488.00
Dalvey Suite 1,188.00
Executive Deluxe Suite 988.99
Superior Room 698.00
Single Room 528.00
Two-Bedded 288.00
Four-Bedded 218.00
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 636.00
High Dependency Unit (HDU) 548.00
High Dependency Unit (HDU-Paediatric) 432.00
High Dependency Unit (HDU-Neuroscience) 432.00
Liver Ward
Single Room 698.00
Two-Bedded 398.00
Nursery (Baby) 65.00
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Level 1 168.00
Level 2A 273.00
Level 2B 464.00
Level 3 562.00
Day Surgery
Operation before 4pm (Mon to Fri), and before 12pm (Sat)
Single (for first four hours, thereafter S$35 per hour) 138.00
Standard Bed (for first four hours, thereafter S$24 per hour) 88.00
Operation after 4pm (Mon to Fri), and after 12pm (Sat)
Single 268.00
Standard Bed 148.00
Daily Treatment Fee
Inpatient 138.00
Day Surgery 80.00
For first four hours (thereafter S$18 per hour) 49.00
Endoscopy VIP Room (additional charge on top of hours stayed) 88.00


1. For an additional stay of up to 8 hours or less (a day surgery case after 4pm), half the normal rate applies.
2. The full estimated bill size will be collected upon admission.
3. Additional deposit will be required when the hospital charges exceed your first deposit.

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