Gleneagles Hospital Singapore – Doctors Directory
Appointment telephone: +65 6575-7575.
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– Gynecologists
Dr Ang Huai Yan
Dr Chan Cathryn
Dr Chan Kong Hon
Dr Chan Tanny
Dr Chen Christopher
Dr Chew Peter
Dr Chew Sek Yuen
Dr Chin Lisa
Dr Choo Wan Ling
Dr Chua Irene
Dr Fong Chuan Wee
Dr Foong Lian Cheun
Dr Kumar Jothi
Dr Lee Keen Whye
Dr Lee Seong Tuck
Dr Low Brenda
Dr Ng Soon Chye
Dr Ong Theng Kiat
Dr Seng Shay Way
Dr Singh Steven
Dr Sng Soo Pheow
Dr Tan Kok Kong
Dr Tseng Arthur
Dr Yang Mary

– Cardiologists
Dr. Chan Charles
Dr. Chuang Hsuan-Hung
Dr. Ee Bernard
Dr. Koo Chee Choong
Dr. Lau Kean Wah
Dr. Lim Victor
Dr. Mak Koon Hou
Dr. Ng Kheng Siang
Dr. Soon Chao Yang
Dr. Tan Arthur
Dr. Wong Wui Min
Dr. Yan Peter

– Pediatricians
Dr. Sridjaja Ratna
Dr. Tan Nancy
Dr. Tan Siok Hoon
Dr. Tang Jenny
Dr. Wong Keng Yean
Dr. Woon Frances
Dr. Yeo Kim Lian
Dr. Yip William
Dr. Yip Yeng Yoong
Dr. See Yvonne
Dr. Phuah Huan Kee
Dr. Ngiam Thye Eng
Dr. Ng Steven
Dr. Liew Woei Kang
Dr. Lam Catherine
Dr. Ho Pui San
Dr. Gong Wei Kin
Dr. Chan Sing Kit
Dr. Chan Kit Yee

– Ophthalmologists
Dr. Cheong Pauline
Dr. Chew Kheng Lian
Dr. Chua Ee Chek
Dr. Fong Kee Siew
Dr. Fu Esther
Dr. Goh Swee Heng
Dr. Heng Lee Kwang
Dr. Heng Lee Suan
Dr. Hoh Sek Tien
Dr. Khng Christopher
Dr. Khoo Chong Yew
Dr. Lim Arthur
Dr. Ong Sze Guan
Dr. Phua Raymond
Dr. Tan Billy
Dr. Tong Heng Nam

– Oncologists
Dr. Wong Karmen
Dr. Tay Miah Hiang
Dr. Tan Yew Oo
Dr. Leong Swan Swan
Dr. Khoo Kei Siong
Dr. Foo Kian Fong
Dr. Ang Peter

– Urologists
Dr. Beng Jimmy
Dr. Chang Wei Yee
Dr. Liew Lewis
Dr. Lim Peter
Dr. Tay Kah Phuan
Dr. Tung Kean Hin

– Orthopaedic Surgeons
Dr. Wong Yue Shuen
Dr. Tan Chong Tien
Dr. Tan Jee Lim
Dr. Tan Mak Yong
Dr. Teh Peng Hooi
Dr. Tho Kam San
Dr. Sayampanathan S
Dr. Peng Benedict
Dr. Ooi Lai Hock
Dr. Oh Derrick
Dr. Ngian Kite Seng
Dr. Lim Lian Arn
Dr. Lim Kay Kiat
Dr. Liang Te Shan
Dr. Chan Beng Kuen
Dr. Chang Eddie
Dr. Chang Haw Chong
Dr. Chong Keen Wai
Dr. Chong Kian Chun
Dr. Fong Shee Yan

– Plastic Surgeons
Dr. Hong Soo Wan
Dr. Kuek Leslie
Dr. Seah Chee Seng
Dr. Wong Saw Yeen

 – Renal Physicians
Dr. Lee Grace
Dr. Leong See Odd
Dr. Tan Roger
Dr. Tan Seng Hoe
Dr. Wu Akira

3 thoughts on “Gleneagles Hospital Singapore – Doctors Directory

  1. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’d like to take my daughter to see Dr. Tan Nancy. Is she available tomorrow (Tuesday)or Wednesday?
    At what time is best to register and consult with Dr. Nancy Tan?
    My daughter is six (6) years old. She’s active and looks healthy. Her abdomen is swollen. A paedeatrician had seen her abdoment 3 years old, and said it was normal.

    Her Recent Health Problem
    Since March 2011 until July 2012, My six years old daughter has
    Repeated Vomit blood: 4 times,
    Repeated Black stools (melena) : 9 times
    Spleenomegaly (7-11 cm)
    Each time black stools or vomit blood, the blood result is Pensitopenia.
    But when she recovers, the blood test back to normal, except the Platelet cells (130).
    Still, she looks active, no pain.

    Last, our paedeatrician in Jakarta suspect the vomit blood and spleenomegaly is caused by Variceal Esophagus. And suggest us to see another Paedeatrician who specializes in Gastroencology.

    Ultrasound Scan (3 times) :

    1. Found one like”sludge ball” 10×6,5 in Gall Blader

    2. Found Hyperechoic zone, like fatty infiltration or Fibrosis?? (from around gall blader up to Porta Hepatic+ around Vena Porta)

    3. Main Portal Vein 5mm caliber, velovity VP cab, anterior =10.7 cm/det. Rather serpentine- Possibility: Portal Hypertension?

    4. Omentum minus thicken hyperechoic. Possibility: DD/ Fatty infiltration/ Fibrosis?? Colateral vena coronary- gastrooesophageal & varices omentum?

    5. Splenomegaly non-specific (4x normal)

    6. Non specific at this time Colateral Spleno-renalis

    7. Not found any ascites/ pleural effusion

    Thorax ( twice) : Normal
    3. Blood test Dengue, Typhus, Malaria, Bacteria: All NEGATIVEWe have taken her to Paediatrician Hematologist who do test BMP (Bone Marrow…)
    Leukemia, Thalasemia (HB Electroforesys), HIV : All NEGATIVE
    SGOT/AST : 45-47 (should be <38)

    Last, the paedeatrician suspect the vomit blood and spleenomegaly is caused by Variceal Esophagus. And suggest us to see another Paedeatrician who specializes in Gastroencology.

    My Questions:

    What is the cause of the repeated Black Stools and Vomit Blood of my daughter?
    What causes the Spleenomegaly in the case of my daughter? Is there any relation to the Vomitting Blood and Black Stools?
    What treatment / tests needed, and is it required to stay in the hospital, if yes, for how many days?
    How can it be cured permanently (splenomegaly & repeabting vomit blood & black stools) ?

    Flash back at her birth history
    (For your reference to see whether there’s any connection to her current health problem)
    At birth, 22 May 2006, the doctor said that my baby swallowed amniotic fluid/ inhaled meconium.
    Therefore, my newborn baby was kept in the incubator.
    The doctor putting in an endotracheal tube , which he said to clear the airway.
    My baby stayed almost a month in the hospital, when my family insisted to take the baby home, as the doctor didn’t allow.
    Strangely, her lower legs were wrapped with bandage, and the doctor told us not to open the bandage by ourselves, that we must bring the baby to the hospital everyday, to let the doctor to change the bandage.
    At home, we opened the bandages, we found two big wounds, infected, with purulent . The following day, when we asked the doctor about it, he said that it was caused by the infusion medicine.

    We treated the baby’s wound at home by ourselves. And thank God, the wound finally dried out. She grows healthy and walks normally, but there’s still a big scar left on her leg.

    When Ellen was born, me, as the mother also experienced Post Cesarean Wound Infection, with purulent. So painful that I could hardly move. But the doctor asked me to go back to hospital everyday for cleaning the purulent with cotton by the nurses. It had been two weeks, and got worsen.
    Finally I went to another hospital, and got second cesarean surgery by, another doctor.
    And the next day I could move and walk normally without pain.

    Thank you very much for your kind attention and assistance.

  2. I am from Indonesia, my grandmother would like to see dr. Ee Bernard @ 29/30 November 2012 in the name of liauw thian poo. Is he available during that day?

  3. I would like to consult a surgeon to do surgery on both hands Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. All tests done and was confirmed, I postponed the surgery till now.

    Much appreciated an indication on day surgery charges, hospital, medicines and related charges, a rough total cost will suffice.


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