Ward Type & Description Rates

Standard Ward Class A1+/A1

  • Air-conditioned single room
  • attached bath room and toilet
  • toiletries
  • television
  • telephone
  • fully automated electric bed
  • choice of meals
  • optional sleeper unit.
From S$384.13/ 344.54per day

Standard Ward Class B1

  • Air-conditioned 4-bedded room
  • attached bath room and toilet,
  • television
  • telephone,
  • semi-automated electric bed
  • choice of meals.
From S$202.23 per day

Standard Ward Class B2+

  • Air-conditioned 5-bedded room
  • attached bath room and toilet
  • semi-automated electric bed

Note: Available for selected medical specialties only

From S$128 per day

Standard Ward Class B2

  • 6-bedded room,
  • naturally ventilated
  • individual ceiling fans
  • semi-automated electric bed.
From S$64 per day

Standard Ward Class C

  • 9-bedded room
  • naturally ventilated.
From S$32 per day

*NOTE: Updated as of 1 Dec 2011.


  • Room charges quoted are inclusive of 7% GST and applicable to Singapore residents only.
  • Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Hospital fees/charges shown for B2 and C class wards are based on assumption that patient receives maximum Government subsidy (inclusive of GST).
  • Patients discharged from Class A & B1 will be seen as private patients for their Specialist Outpatient appointments and all follow-up management.
  • Patients discharged from Class B2+, B2 & C will be seen as subsidised patients for their Specialist Outpatient appointments and all follow-up management.
  • We accept cash, credit cards, NETS and personal cheques. Payment can also be made at the Post Office, AXS kiosks, SAMs as well as online at www.vPost.com.sg.

If You Change Your Room Type During Your Stay

Changing of room type is subject to availability of beds and the following conditions:

a) Upgrading

Should you request to upgrade to a higher class of accommodation, all charges (except daily standard ward fees) incurred at the lower ward class up till the upgrading will be recomputed and charged at the higher class rate.

b) Downgrading

Downgrading of ward class will be allowed for patients under ICU/ICA/HD management, or patients in Class A1 or B1 wards, if they satisfy the criteria of a Means Test.

Social Overstayers

Patients who are fit for discharge but insisted on staying on will be charged the full cost of the period of their overstay, from the 7th calendar day after the hospital has assisted in finding a placement in a step-down care facility.

Day Surgery Ward Charges

The charges* for Day Surgery wards can be found in the following table

Description Private Patients Subsidised Patients
Bed (Single) S$172.27
Bed (co-hort) S$110.21 $45.00
Seater S$48.15 $27.00


* applicable to Singapore residents, fees ($) GST inclusive (note)

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