24 September 2014: Singapore gained an overall 4th place in the latest medical tourism ranking, the only Asian destination to reach the top five placements in a study of 25 nations, worldwide.

Canada topped the overall medical tourism ranking with a score of 76.87 followed by the UK 74.85, Israel 74.17, Singapore 73.96 and Costa Rica 72.78, the International Healthcare Research Centre announced today.

Philippines was the only other Asian destination cited in the top ranking. It was third with a rating of 73.17 in the sub-category on medical tourism costs.


Overall, the Philippines was in 9th place with a score of 70.4

In the overall ratings, Thailand was ranked 20th out of 25 countries reviewed with an overall score of 65.46. India was ranked 9th with a score of 70.4.

The Medical Tourism Index, which measures the attractiveness of a country for medical travel along three key dimensions and 34 underlying criteria identified the top destinations in a variety of sub-categories.

Canada also topped the category for “country environment” and medical tourism costs”; Costa Rica and Jamaica for “destination attractiveness”; Israel and Singapore for “medical facility and service.”

Medical Tourism Association president Renée-Marie Stephano, announced the conclusions at the 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, 20 to 24 September in Washington D.C.

“This information provides not only what patients need to know when planning a medical journey overseas, but serves as a valuable tool for governments, employers and insurance companies, hospitals and doctors, facilitators and related travel and hospitality industries throughout the world.”


The 2014 Medical Tourism Index considered 25 countries – about 60% of the world’s population — from Africa, Asia, Central America, Middle East, South America and North America.

“Many countries are touting their healthcare services, costs, safety and security, and locations to attract foreign patients,” said Medical Tourism Index co-developer, Marc Fetscherin who is also associate professor of international business and marketing at Rollins College.

“IHRC – through the Medical Tourism Index and related analysis – serves as a trusted and evidence-based support mechanism to achieve their goals.”

For the complete 2014 Medical Tourism Index, go to: www.medicaltourismindex.com/.

The International Healthcare Research Centre (IHRC) promotes transparency and improves global healthcare quality, population health management, expanded access to care, and the consumer healthcare experience. IHRC is non-profit research centre, headquartered in the United States.




he Medical Tourism Association® is the first membership-based international non-profit trade organisation for the medical tourism and healthcare industry made up of top international hospitals, healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators, insurance companies, and other affiliates. www.MedicalTourismAssociation.com.


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