Updated 07:43 PM Jul 18, 2012
SINGAPORE – Adjustments to MediShield – a basic and catastrophic insurance scheme – are set to kick in by the first quarter of next year.

Among the changes: increasing MediShield coverage for large bills by increasing yearly limits from S$50,000 to S$70,000, and lifetime limits from S$200,000 to S$300,000; and extending MediShield to cover short-stay wards at the Emergency Department and inpatient psychiatric treatment.

The age ceiling for coverage will also go up from 85 to 90. Deductibles – bills to be paid by the patient before payouts from MediShield – will also go up by S$500 for Class B2 and C hospital bills, to S$2,000 and S$1,500 respectively.

In turn, premiums will need to go up. According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), after the Government Medisave top-up, those aged 21 to 60 will see their monthly premiums go up by S$1 to S$5. The rest will see premiums decrease.

The MOH also proposed other changes to MediShield which are up for public feedback – the idea to extend coverage to newborns with congenital conditions. The MOH said this will cost Singaporeans aged 20 and below about S$1 more a month in premiums.

To keep MediShield premiums affordable, the Government had announced a one-time Medisave top-up of S$400 during Budget 2012, as well as permanent Medisave top-ups to the elderly under the GST Voucher Scheme. MediShield premiums are paid for via Singaporeans’ Medisave accounts. These are part of the aim to double State healthcare spending to S$8 billion over the next five years.

The public may send feedback to moh_info@moh.gov.sg.

Source: todayonline.com/Singapore/EDC120718-0000132/MOH-announces-enhancements-to-MediShield

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