Health Screening Packages
Health screening is vital to detect diseases, many of which do not produce early warning signs. These silent killers include diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.
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Basic Package $201.16
Standard Package $308.16
Premier Package $415.16
Elite Package $588.50 (Male)
$695.50 (Female)

Ladies Packages
As a friend, a coworker, a wife, a mother, a daughter. Through these roles and the various stages of your life, we are with you every step of the way to ensure that your health is in good shape for all that you take on.

Women’s Essential Health Package $179.76
Premier Package $415.16
Weight Loss Package $535.00

Mens Packages
Heart attacks do not happen only to older, overweight men with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Have you experienced glimpses of these silent heart conditions? Fainting spells, chest discomfort, sensation of fast or irregular heart beats while exercising; these are some indications that there may be an underlying cardiac disorder.

Healthy Young (I) $588.50
Healthy Young (II) $481.50
Premier Package $415.16

3 thoughts on “SATA – Health Screening Packages

    • The screening tests at polyclinics are limited to basic test for diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol only. Public hospitals offering full health screening include SGH, Changi General Hospital and National University Hospital (NUH). Typical costs for health screening packages at NUH range from $360 to $560 depending on the number of tests relevant for your age group and health risks profile.

  1. I had done a health screening at Ang Mo Kio SATA some time ago — I cannot remember the exact date. Could you trace my records and advise whether I need to do another screening now?
    Thank you.


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