Health Screening Packages – National University Hospital NUH – Singapore

Cost $360
Essential Health Screening Package
Appointments: +65-6779-2777 or email

Comprehensive Medical History & Physical Examinations

• Present Complaints (If Any)
• Past Medical, Family, Social & Drug History
• Review of Whole Body SystemsInvestigations

Haematological Studies
• Haemoglobin
• Total White Blood Cells
• Total Red Blood Cells
• Differential Count
• Platelets
• Peripheral Blood Film
• Pack Cell Volume
• Red Cell Indices (MCV,MCH, MCHC)
• Erythrocyte Sedimentation

Blood Grouping

Lipid Profile
• Total Cholesterol
• Triglycerides
• Cholesterol HDL
• Cholesterol LDL
• Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

Kidney Disease
• Sodium
• Potassium
• Chloride
• Bicarbonate
• Urea
• Creatinine
• Glucose

Liver Disease
• Bilirubin
• Albumin
• Globulin
• Total Protein
• Alkaline Phosphatase
• Alkaline Transaminase ALT
• Aspartate Transaminase AST

Metabolic Disorders
• Free T4 (Thyroid Function Test)
• Uric Acid

Bone Disease
• Calcium
• Phosphate
• Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor RAF 

Cancer Markers
• Alpha-Feto Protein (AFP – Liver Cancer)
• Carcino-Embryonic Antigen (CEA – GI Cancer)
• Prostate Specific Antigen (for male only)

Veneral Disease
• Total Syphilis Antibody Screening

• B (Surface Antigen & Surface

Urine Analysis
• Basic Screen for Blood,
Glucose, Protein,
Ketones & pH
• Microscopic Examination for Red Blood Cells,Epithellal Cells, Casts & Crystals

Medical Report
• Detailed medical and family history.
• Discussion and interpretation of all laboratory results.
• Recommendation of healthcare education and healthcare improvement.
• Medical follow-up and direct referrals to other specialists’ services within the hospital can be arranged.

Stool Analysis
• Occult Blood
• Ova, Cyst, Trophozoite

• Chest X-Ray
• Electrocardiogram (ECG)
• Pap Smear (for female only)


One thought on “Health Screening Packages – NUH

  1. I find that it is always good to start by talking to your GP.My family and I have seen the same GP for more than 15 years. The main benefit is that the GP has a deep knowledge of my family’s medical history. Your GP may be able to customize a health screening package to suit your medical needs. I go for an annual health screen that includes full blood works, kidney and liver function tests. I don’t mind being a bit “kiasu” when it comes to health.


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