Guide to Medical Doctors’ Salary in Singapore

The Ministry of Health does not publish how doctors are paid and the different salary ranges in Singapore hospitals.  Each hospital also structure their payscales differently.  However, this table below can be a rough guide for the average Senior Consultant, Consultant and Associate Consultant.  The Associate Consultant rank is a replacement name for Senior Registrar.  In some hospitals, there is a Medical Officer Specialist grade just below the Registrar grade.

The figures here are the ceilings pay for doctors who move over from clinical work to a research role.  The corresponding grade specialist may still earn more in a clinical environment.  This is especially true for surgeons with a high load of procedures and surgeries.

If you are a non-resident Consultant-level specialist doctor hoping to obtain registration and work in a Singapore hospital, you are likely to enter the system at the Associate Consultant rank for a period of time to be determined by your employer.

Private practice doctors earn a wider range of income and it would prove quite impossible to estimate because of how their businesses are structured.  Many who work as employees of a medical group earn a fix income with a profit sharing bonus.  Many others are self-employed.

Doctor Clinical Grade Annual Salary Ceiling
Senior Consultant $300,000
Consultant $200,000
Associate Consultant $150,000
Registrar $120,000
Medical Officer $80,000

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