When seeking medical in another country, one of the most basic question asked has to do with the cost of surgery and other medical treatment.  In Singapore, the cost of surgery varies from hospital to hospital.  However, the government maintains a website listing what hospitals generally charge for a range of common surgical procedures.  You can look for the surgery that you need and use the government figures as a guideline.   Some private clinics also publish their fees on their websites.

Mount Elizabeth Hospital Hospital & Surgery Fees

Gynecology:  Ovarian Cystectomy (Laparoscopic/Keyhole Surgery)
Low total: $9875  (Hospital:$4525  Surgeon:$5350)
Middle: $11,810 (Hospital $5925  Surgeon: $5885)
High: $14,691 (Hospital:$6950  Surgeon: $7741)

Eye: Cataract Surgery
Low:  $4262 (Hospital:$1325  Surgeon:$2937  )
Middle: $4610 (Hospital:$1400  Surgeon:$3210  )
High: $6045 (Hospital:$1925  Surgeon:$4120  )

Breast: Breast Lump Removal / Excision
Low: $5443 (Hospital:$2500  Surgeon:$2943  )
Middle: $6127 (Hospital:$2850  Surgeon:$3277  )
High: $7261 (Hospital:$38503411  Surgeon:$  )

More Surgeries to come for Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
(Hospital:$  Surgeon:$  )
(Hospital:$  Surgeon:$  )
(Hospital:$  Surgeon:$  )

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