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Dr Lisa Wong
Consultant Gynecologist
Lisa Wong Women & Gynae Oncology Centre
3 Mount Elizabeth #12-17
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
Singapore 228510
Tel: (+65) 68362008
Dr Lisa Wong's website

Dr Lisa Chin
Consultant Gynecologist
Chin YK Clinic for Women
Gleneagles Medical Centre
Singapore 258499
Tel: (+65) 64742281
Dr Lisa Chin's website

Dr Judy Wong
Consultant Gynecologist
Judy Wong Clinic for Women
Thomson Medical Centre
Singapore 307667
Tel: (+65) 62552823
Dr Judy Wong's website

Dr Wong Mun Tat
Thomson Women's Clinic
Block 372 Bukit Batok Street 31
Singapore 650372
Tel: (+65) 66890668
Dr Wong Mun Tat's website

Dr Kek Lee Phin
Consultant Gynecologist
Kek LP Clinic & Surgery for Women
3 Mount Elizabeth #14-06
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
Singapore 228510
Tel: (+65) 62358596
Dr Kek Lee Phin's website

Dr Motoko Yeo
Consultant Gynecologist
Motoko Clinic for Women
290 Orchard Road #11-13
Paragon Shopping Centre
Singapore 238859
Tel. (+65) 68385366
Gynecologist website

Dr Tracey Lim Li Wen
Consultant Gynecologist
Tow Yung Clinic
19 Tanglin Shopping Centre
Singapore 247909
Tel. (+65) 67374433
Gynecologist website

Dr Tan Yew Teck Tony
Consultant Gynecologist
Raffles Hospital
585 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188770
Tel. (+65) 63111230
Dr Tony Tan's website

Dr Ching Kwok Choy
Consultant Gynecologist
K C Ching Clinic & Surgery For Women Pte Ltd
#10-13 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
Singapore 228510
Tel. 67343455
Dr Ching Kwok Choy's website

Dr Koh Gim Hwee
Consultant Gynecologist
Raffles Hospital
585 North Bridge Rd
Singapore 188770
Tel. 67882288
Gynecologist website

More Gynecologists in Singapore

Many are unaware that Obstetrics and Gynecology are two different surgical specialties. But they are combined into a single practising specialty so that the doctor is able to care for pregnant and non-pregnant female patients.

Obstetricians help women who are having reproductive issues and also oversee the care of pregnant women, and are present for the birth of children. They not only aid in labor and delivery, but can perform cesarean sections, induce labor, halt premature labor, or perform any other treatment required before, during or immediately after a woman has given birth.

In Singapore, in order to call yourself a gynecologist, you must be recognised as one by the Singapore Specialist Accreditation Board. This means several more years of additional training and specialization after completing medical school and residency. Most gynecologists in Singapore are qualified in the UK and become members of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists or RCOG.

In Singapore, they are also registered with the Ministry of Health as well as the Singapore Medical Council.

In some countries, babies are often delivered by nurses who are trained in midwifery. This practice is no longer done in Singapore.

There are both men and women who choose to be a gynae, though some women think it best to see a female gynae for what are essentially “female” concerns. This has led to trends where gynecology and/or obstetrics clinics hire only female gynae. This doesn’t make the male gynecologists any less adept at their work. In fact, like in many other professions, some of the very best gynae in Singapore are men. Yet some women would rather see a female who may be able to empathize with things like cramps during menstruation, and feel less embarrassed when seeing a female doctor for very intimate examinations.

One of the main jobs in a medical clinic devoted to gynecology is performing yearly exams: physical examinations of the uterus, vagina and pelvis. Gynecologists also use these yearly check-ins to help educate women about reproductive health and concerns, and to listen to any concerns a woman might have regarding menstrual cycles, birth control methods and menopause.